Independent Journalist 'Beaten Bloody by Antifa' in Portland, Media Yawns

Chris Menahan
Sep. 10, 2020

Independent journalist Tayler Hansen was reportedly "beaten bloody" by four black bloc antifa militants on Tuesday night in Portland and the media couldn't care less.

Hansen shared his story on Twitter:

Though CNN and the rest of the media will whine incessantly about President Trump's "attacks" on journalists (because he criticizes them), they couldn't care less about antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters physically attacking journalists on the daily.

As I reported earlier this week, the Rochester station WHEC ignored their own reporter and his security guard being attacked and chased by a knife-wielding Black Lives Matter mob on Sunday and described the night's protests as "peaceful."

Tayler Hansen's story wasn't picked up by a single website indexed by Google News as of Thursday morning other than the Canadian site The Post Millennial, which works with Andy Ngo.

Not only will journalists not stand up for folks like Ngo, Hansen and others but they'll actively work with antifa to dox them so they can be attacked!

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