'They Hunted Him Down': Friend of Murdered Trump Supporter Speaks Out

Paul Joseph Watson
Summit News
Aug. 31, 2020

A friend of Aaron "Jay" Danielson who was stood next to Danielson when he was executed in cold blood has spoken out, saying the pair were deliberately "hunted down" by leftists.

Danielson was shot dead on Saturday night in Portland. Video footage of the incident shows someone shouting "We've got a Trumper right here," before another person responds "Right here?" before firing two shots.

Leftists in Portland later celebrated the brutal murder by dehumanizing Danielson, who was a member of the conservative Patriot Prayer group as a "Nazi".

A friend of Bishop's who was with him when he was shot told an interviewer, "They executed my partner."

"They hunted him down, they hunted us down, they recognized our Patriot Prayer hats," said the friend.

He then confirms what is heard on the video – that a conversation took place where the men were identified as Trump supporters and Danielson was shot dead for that reason.

The friend said that immediately after discharging his weapon, the shooter ran away. He still hasn't been caught by authorities.

"I'm OK, I turn over and Jay's dead, because he believed something different than them…he's a good man, he didn't do anything to earn a bullet in the chest," said Danielson's friend.

Asked what his message would be to President Donald Trump, Danielson's friend said "send troops."

"Portland is as corrupt as any place you've ever seen or heard about in the movies," said the friend, adding that Patriot Prayer members are being charged with felony rioting while the actual Antifa rioters who throw explosives at police are set free by the District Attorney.

"Those people are being let go," he concluded.

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