Detroit: 20-Yr-Old Black Supremacist Films Himself Beating Up Elderly Nursing Home Patients

Chris Menahan
May. 21, 2020

A 20-year-old African-American man was arrested in Detroit on Thursday after videos he filmed of himself beating up elderly white nursing home patients went viral on social media.

The suspect, Jaden T. Hayden, reportedly uploaded the videos himself onto his personal social media accounts.

On YouTube, Hayden can be seen ranting about the evils of white people and saying the "black race is the chosen race" and "the black race was supposed to rule the earth."

Hayden also appears to have shared a video on Oct 18, 2019 which he titled "drugging ppl prank" that shows a man convulsing as he films off to the side.

7 Action News in Detroit reported that police said Hayden was allegedly a patient at the nursing home.

"Police say the suspect is 20 years old, but it's unclear why he was being treated at the nursing center," 7 Action News reported. "It appears the suspect also posted another video showing the beating of a woman who is confined to a bed."

7 Action News shared the following statement from a law firm representing the Westwood Nursing Home:

The nursing home and its administrators are still gathering information, conducting their own investigation, and cooperating fully with the police in their own investigation. We will issue another statement once we have gathered more facts regarding the incident. One thing we want to make clear, on the record, is that this incident did not involve a nurse or any other employee of the nursing home. The individuals involved were residents. The attacker in the video was turned over to the police around 11:30 a.m. this morning by the staff at the nursing home. He is not a long-term resident of Westwood, but he was recently admitted for recovery and rehabilitation purposes on a temporary stay. Westwood has been cooperating with the police and will continue to do so. The safety, health, and well-being of our residents remains a top priority of Westwood. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Until we receive more information, we will not be able to comment further on the matter at this time.

The incident has so far been ignored by the national media even though the disturbing footage was shared by James Woods to millions on Twitter.

UPDATE: President Trump weighed in on Twitter shortly after Tucker Carlson aired a screenshot from the video and said he was going to cover it tomorrow night!

"Is this even possible to believe?" Trump tweeted on Thursday night. "Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?"

UPDATE II: The Houston Courant's David Phaup uncovered disturbing details on the background of Westwood Nursing Center:

(Note: he meant to say 18 months, not years.)

UPDATE III: SHOCK: Man Filmed Beating Elderly Was COVID-19 Patient Sent to Nursing Home, Father Claims

UPDATE IV: Tucker's segment aired Friday:

[I archived his black supremacist rant here and his "drugging ppl prank" here in case his YouTube is taken down.]

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