Massie Was Right: Delaware Chicken Plant Forcing Growers to 'Depopulate' Up to 2 Million Birds

Chris Menahan
Apr. 17, 2020

Republican Kentucky Rep Thomas Massie warned just days ago that struggling farmers faced with economic Armageddon could soon be forced to start euthanizing their livestock even though the US is facing potential food shortages.

It's already happening.

From Fox News, "Staffing shortage at Delaware chicken plant forcing growers to 'depopulate,' dispose of millions of birds: report":
As restaurants, bars remain closed in several states Meat Purveyors CEO, Pat LaFrieda, tells 'Fox & Friends' the supply system is not broken and there is plenty of meat available.

Allen Harim Foods, a Delaware-based chicken company, is reportedly being forced to kill up to 2 million chickens before they can be slaughtered and packaged for consumers.

In a letter received by the company’s livestock growers, Allen Harim said the chickens were being “depopulated” due to coronavirus-related staffing shortages at its processing plant, which is making it impossible to “harvest the amount of birds” they were previously able to handle.

The news comes as other experts in the meat industry warned of possible and “severe” repercussions for the nation’s food supply chain in the wake of several processing-plant closures related to COVID-19.

In the letter, which one Delaware grower confirmed to be legitimate to the Delaware News Journal, Allen Harim explained that only about 50 percent of its staff was still reporting for work as of April 8. The company had also begun to supply its growers with fewer eggs and chicks as soon as attendance at its processing plant started to dwindle.
Farmers are additionally being forced to destroy acres of vegetables:

Massie predicted the bailout was going to be a giant screwjob and was of the only congressmen to stand against it.

He has been completely vindicated.

No wonder neocons are mobilizing to try and destroy him!

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