SHOCK VIDEO: Nursing Staff Battle With Nursing Home Administrator 'Taking Away' Their 'Protective' Gear

Chris Menahan
Apr. 03, 2020

Shocking video out of Greenwich, Connecticut allegedly shows two nurses battling with their nursing home administrator as he's seen taking away multiple boxes of "PPE" (personal protective equipment) and loading it into the back of his SUV.

A nurse that's filming the scene shouts: "These are supplies we are supposed to be using for the virus, now it's going out the building! It's going into a car!"

"We have people with the virus in the building ... they're leaving us unprotected!" she says.

Another nurse is seen stopping the administrator and shouting, "I want to see what's in the box!"

"Don't touch me!" the administrator shouts back.

"How can you leave your staff unprotected and taking out supplies in times like this -- to take somewhere else!" the first nurse shouts. "How can you do this!"

The administrator is seen filling his trunk with the alleged PPE and shutting the hatch.

"Okay, people in Connecticut, this is what's happening to us at Greenwich, Connecticut! See that, gone... he took out all of the gowns, that's crazy!" she says before the video cuts off.

The incident happened at RegalCare at Greenwich and appears to have been first posted on Facebook.

RegalCare released the following statement Friday on Facebook after the video went viral:
We are aware that there is a video circulating showing our administrator packing some supplies in his car. The comments on the video are completely inaccurate. Our employees hold themselves to very high standards at all times, notwithstanding during the tumultuous time of COVID-19.

When concerns began arising about Coronavirus, our extremely dedicated Administrator took it upon himself to purchase extra supplies for his staff from his own personal money, out of concern that supplies would no longer be readily available. This was in addition to all the necessary PPE that management has been circulating throughout the building. The boxes are filled painting coveralls, NOT PPE, as evident by the labels on them and in the photos from the video below. His care and commitment to his entire team of staff has been above and beyond and at all times.

We are absolutely astounded at the accusations posted online. Our Administrator has been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure the safety of his residents and employees alike.

It saddens us to see the distortion of the truth. At this time, there are no reported cases in our facility, another untruth being spread. As always, we will be transparent about the health of our residents and provide the truth. Please check back here for updates, and do not rely on updates from any other source.
They included this photo:

Painters coveralls are considered PPE. Painters regularly use N95 masks or stronger.

Greenwich Police also released a statement on Facebook saying they found no criminal wrongdoing:
Greenwich Police spoke to the management of the facility. They are adamant that they currently have more than enough PPE supplies on hand for their staff and patients. They related that the items seen in the video were NOT actual PPE, but were painting coveralls that they had procured in case they could not obtain enough proper protective gowns. They reported to us that these painting coveralls remain on the property and were just being secured from being improperly used or pilfered.

There has been much dialogue about this issue, but unfortunately some of it has been threatening and exhibiting prejudice. We ask that the understandable concern for our most vulnerable members of the community be expressed in a respectful manner. As we previously mentioned, we continue to monitor the situation and consult with the appropriate state authorities. No one has been found to be at risk.

This is not a criminal matter.
"RegalCare at Greenwich, a nursing home located on King Street, was fined $1,830 by the state Department of Department of Public Health for lapses in patient care on several occasions in less than a year, reports Connecticut Health I-Team," reported in 2017.

"A resident fell six times in a two-week span, according to DPH. The resident, who had a broken shoulder and schizoaffective disorder, first fell Oct. 17, 2016, and the resident’s care plan then was updated to include the use of a chair/bed alarm. But the resident fell five more times that month, including three times on Oct. 22. After being found on the floor on Oct. 31, the resident was taken to a hospital and had surgery for a displaced kneecap, according to the citation," Connecticut Health I-Team reported.

They continued: "Another resident suffered broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and lacerations requiring 11 stitches after falling on March 17 in a bathroom. According to DPH, a nurse’s aide helped the resident, who was at a high risk for falls, onto a toilet but then left the room to get a pull-up pad. The resident was treated at a hospital."

"Also, DPH found that staff did not properly document and investigate when a resident left the facility for more than two hours on Jan. 3. The resident could leave the facility when signed out by staff but did not sign out on this occasion."

[Article updated April 4 with statement from RegalCare at Greenwich and from Greenwich Police]

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