Sebastian Gorka Demands 'Evil' Nick Fuentes Be Censored

Chris Menahan
Oct. 30, 2019

Rather than address any of the hard questions asked of Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk about his strange brand of liberal "conservatism" at his "Culture War" event on Tuesday, Kirk's allies chose to beg our ruling Big Tech oligarchs to ban Nick Fuentes from social media.

Sebastian Gorka sent this tweet out on Wednesday calling for Fuentes to be censored just an hour or so before Charlie Kirk appeared on his YouTube radio show:

Gorka in the past has repeatedly decried censorship as a tool for leftist losers who can't win an argument:

On Wednesday, Gorka repeatedly appealed to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to have Fuentes censored:

He also had Kirk on his show to denounce Fuentes as an anti-Semite:

Right Wing Watch pro-censorship activist Jared Holt celebrated the news:

Fuentes defended himself on Infowars right as Gorka came out with his statement demanding he be censored:

He also went on a tweet storm:

Regardless of your opinion on Nick Fuentes' political views, it's absolutely pathetic that the so-called "free speech warriors" in Conservatism, Inc. who claim they'll "debate anyone" are begging for him to be censored.

UPDATE: Zionist Organization of America Demands Twitter Ban Nick Fuentes in Wake of #KirkGate, Gorka Shares Demand to His Over 900k Followers...

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