Charlie Kirk: Israel Is More Exceptional Than America

Chris Menahan
Jun. 18, 2019

America is "just a placeholder for timeless ideas" which people shouldn't "fall too in love with" but Israel is an "exception" because "there is a holy connection to this land," Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk said while speaking in Jerusalem.


"I love the Grand Canyon, I love the Rocky Mountains and I love Boston," Kirk said. "I love Chicago but if all that disappeared and all I had was ideas and we're on an island -- that's America."

"That's Israel," Kirk added, "that's what people have to realize, that America is just a placeholder for timeless ideas and if you fall too in love with you know, oh the specific place and all this -- that's, you know, that's not what it is. Israel being the exception, because there is a holy connection to this land."

Kirk made the above comments earlier this year on March 18 while at a "Building the Zionist Dream" event hosted by the Zionist NGO Im Tirtzu.

Note, the ideas Kirk espoused at this event were cosmopolitan globalism for America but holy nationalism and Zionism for Israel.

Imagine Kirk telling a multi-generational American farming family their country is just an "idea" and any random island could be America so long as they hold certain "ideas."

What a clown.

America is just an "idea" which people shouldn't "fall too in love with," according to Charlie Kirk.

Part of what helped Trump win his presidency is that he stated boldly in his speeches that America is a nation built by a unique people with a unique history and is not merely a nation of so-called "ideas."

Kirk believes just the opposite. We could lose America entirely due to mass immigration or nuclear war but if some folks with the right "ideas" snatched up a small Island somewhere in Haiti -- that would be America. (But there's only one Israel!)

This island in Haiti could be America with just the right "timeless ideas!"

Kirk's comments are only now getting traction due to being shared by an anonymous Twitter user going by "David Santa Carla," who has been exposing people involved in Turning Point USA and others in "The Grift-Right."

David Santa Carla shared some other clips from Kirk in a short thread:

Here's the full video from the event:

Note, while Trump used to spit fire, over the past several months he's been allying with Kirk's Turning Point USA and partnering with them for his reelection campaign for 2020 -- which has led to embarrassing situations like this:

Multiple polls, including his own campaign's internal polls, show him way down versus Joe Biden (55-39 in his own internal poll) and many other Democratic 2020 presidential contenders.

Perhaps telling struggling farmers and laid off factory workers in the Rust Belt that their nation is just an "idea" and they should really be giddy that Botswana has legalized homosexuality and Israel has the Golan Heights (now the "Trump Heights!") while their factories are closing isn't particularly compelling.

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