Report: Conservatives Form 'Startling Alliance' With ADL, Aspen Institute

Chris Menahan
Apr. 29, 2019

The Anti-Defamation League and the Aspen Institute are paying off conservatives to help silence right-wing opposition to their censorship regimes, a new report from The Daily Caller suggests.

From The Daily Caller:
The Anti-Defamation League and the Aspen Institute are making a show of ideological diversity in a new fellowship program for young civic leaders. Among those selected to the advisory committee is Johnnie Moore, a conservative evangelical who spent more than a decade working at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and was on the Trump campaign’s evangelical advisory board.

The program is billed as an effort to create more “engaged and cohesive” communities in the United States. Participants will attend seminars and be exposed to diversity of thought and international travel. The advisory committee also includes Evan McMullin running mate Mindy Finn and former top Mitt Romney advisor Lanhee Chen.

Their decision to partner with ADL and Aspen is strange, given some of the Aspen Institute’s liberal work on issues like abortion, and the ADL’s involvement in the push to censor content online that is ensnaring conservatives.

Los Angeles-based Moore told The Daily Caller he didn’t know anything about the ADL’s role as a “trusted flagger” for Google and YouTube in their push to censor “controversial” online content, but acknowledged these kinds of efforts have had a chilling effect on conservatives.

“It’s definitely true that they have gotten it vastly wrong more than they have gotten it right,” he said, referring to tech censors. But he sees his role on the board as a chance to mitigate that kind of what he calls “low grade bigotry.”
Google has similarly dumped money into various establishment conservative groups like CPAC to silence opposition to their rapidly expanding censorship regimes.

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