Germany: Somali Migrant Storms Into Church And 'Stones' Christians At Easter Service

Chris Menahan
Apr. 24, 2019

It's just a coincidence this happened on Easter, no doubt!

From Breitbart:
More than 20 people were injured at a church in Germany after mass panic ensued when a ‘mentally confused’ Somali stormed into an Easter service, shouting and throwing stones.

Two dozen people were treated for injuries, including four hospitalised with minor injuries after the 36-year-old suspect burst into St Paul's Church in Munich at 9.30 pm Saturday, about an hour into the Easter Vigil of its Croatian Catholic community.

Local media said there was chaos when many of the approximately 500 people at the service were caught in a stampede to the church’s exit, with eyewitnesses recalling their terror as the intruder reportedly shouted and pelted stones.

Jozo Dramac, who attended the vigil with his wife and son, said he was "still scared" after the night's events, reporting that churchgoers became panicked when "someone screaming in Arabic shouted, 'Allah, Allah', I understood."

Marko Vidovic, a teacher from Laim, talks about the incident on Saturday night: "I heard someone screaming loudly. The church was full of visitors. People have thrown themselves anxiously on the ground, others have run and stumbled. Children screamed."
Consider your culture enriched.

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