Pompeo Appointee Claims Trump 'On Board' With Staying in Syria, Assad Preparing Chemical Attack

Chris Menahan
Sep. 07, 2018

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's US Special Representative for Syria Engagement Jim Jeffrey, who was appointed just weeks ago on August 17, is making the rounds claiming he's "confident" that President Trump's "on board" with staying in Syria indefinitely. Jeffrey is also claiming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is about to carry out a chemical weapons attack in Idlib.

From The Washington Post on Sept. 6, "Trump agrees to an indefinite military effort and new diplomatic push in Syria, U.S. officials say":
President Trump, who just five months ago said he wanted “to get out” of Syria and bring U.S. troops home soon, has agreed to a new strategy that indefinitely extends the military effort there and launches a major diplomatic push to achieve American objectives, according to senior State Department officials.

Although the military campaign against the Islamic State has been nearly completed, the administration has redefined its goals to include the exit of all Iranian military and proxy forces from Syria, and establishment of a stable, nonthreatening government acceptable to all Syrians and the international community.

Much of the motivation for the change, officials said, stems from growing doubts about whether Russia, which Trump has said could be a partner, is able and willing to help eject Iran. Russia and Iran have together been Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s principal allies in obliterating a years-long effort by domestic rebels to oust the Syrian leader.

“The new policy is we’re no longer pulling out by the end of the year,” said James Jeffrey, a retired senior Foreign Service officer who last month was named Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “representative for Syria engagement.” About 2,200 U.S. troops are serving in Syria, virtually all of them devoted to the war against the Islamic State in the eastern third of the country.

Jeffrey said U.S. forces are to remain in the country to ensure an Iranian departure and the “enduring defeat” of the Islamic State.

“That means we are not in a hurry,” he said. Asked whether Trump had signed off on what he called “a more active approach,” Jeffrey said, “I am confident the president is on board with this.”
I don't believe for a second Trump signed off on this, nor actually wants to do it.

It seems a lot more likely the deep state is just working to box Trump in for when rebel terrorists paid for by the US or Israel stage another chemical attack in Idlib.

That brings us to this next article.

From Reuters on Sept. 6, "U.S. has seen evidence of Syria preparing chemical weapons in Idlib: envoy":
There is “lots of evidence” that chemical weapons are being prepared by Syrian government forces in Idlib in northwest Syria, the new U.S. adviser for Syria said on Thursday, as he warned of the risks of an offensive on the country’s last big rebel enclave.

“I am very sure that we have very, very good grounds to be making these warnings,” said Jim Jeffrey, who was named on Aug. 17 as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s special adviser on Syria overseeing talks on a political transition in that country.
Note, once again, he's not "positive," merely "very sure."
“Any offensive is to us objectionable as a reckless escalation,” Jeffrey told a few reporters in his first interview on the situation in Syria since his appointment. “There is lots of evidence that chemical weapons are being prepared.”
None of which we'll ever show the public!
The White House has warned that the United States and its allies would respond “swiftly and vigorously” if government forces used chemical weapons in the widely expected offensive.

[...]He said the United States had repeatedly asked Russia whether it could “operate” in Idlib to eliminate the last holdouts of Islamic State and other extremist groups. Asked whether that would include U.S. air strikes, Jeffrey said: “That would be one way.”
You know that's a lie because the easiest way to "eliminate the last holdouts of Islamic State and other extremist groups" would be for Russia and Syria to use chemical weapons, yet Jeffrey is saying the US is going to attack them if they do.

Their interest is getting Iran out of Syria for Israel.
As sides close in on the remaining jihadist forces operating in Syria, Jeffrey said it was time for a “major diplomatic initiative” to end the seven-year conflict.

There was a “a new commitment” by the administration to remain in Syria until Islamic State militants were defeated, while ensuring Iran left the country, he added.

[...]Trump will chair a U.N. Security Council meeting on Iran during an annual gathering of world leaders in New York later this month. The meeting will focus on Iran’s nuclear program and its meddling in the wars in Syria and Yemen.

France has invited the United States, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Britain for talks on the sidelines of the U.N. meeting to discuss Syria, Jeffrey said.

He said Assad “has no future as a ruler” in Syria, but it was not up to Washington to get rid of him and it would work with Moscow on a political transition.

“Right now (the Syrian government) is a cadaver sitting in rubble with just half the territory of Syria under regime control on a good day,” Jeffrey said.
They're actually taking back the country at light speed. It's the US and Israel funding these Syrian rebels which is slowing down the process and prolonging the war.

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