LOL: ABC's Staged Fake Experiment Finds Democrats Support Free Speech, Republicans Do Not

Polling shows the exact opposite to be true.
Chris Menahan

Aug. 13, 2018

ABC's "What Would You Do?" on Friday night aired a made-for-tv fake experiment in a small Republican township in New Jersey which portrayed Republicans as enemies of free speech and Democrats as its defenders.

As I reported on Saturday, The Daily Mail on Friday released a report saying that ABC's latest episode of "What Would You Do?" featured an anti-Trump liberal being denied service and criticized by Trump supporters for wearing an "Impeach 45" shirt to a restaurant.

Their headline suggested the faked scene was real and was evidence of Trump supporters' bigotry:

After much criticism, the Daily Mail eventually changed their headline to acknowledge the man wearing the "Impeach 45" shirt was an actor, though their headline did not acknowledge the manager was also an actor.

While ABC's actual report wasn't as one-sided as The Daily Mail's article made it seem, it was thoroughly idiotic propaganda filled with falsehoods which portrayed the inverse of reality.

ABC staged scenes where their actor was harassed by a restaurant manager first for wearing a MAGA hat and second for wearing an "Impeach 45" shirt.

The video where he wears a MAGA hat shows only one woman suggesting he remove the hat after the actor prods her. All the other customers stand up for his right to wear his hat and many walk out.

The video where he wears an "Impeach 45" shirt shows Republican after Republican siding with the manager and saying the manager should refuse service to him over his shirt. One man even tells the manager to "call the police" over his t-shirt.

"For a t-shirt, you're going to have me thrown in jail?" the actor asks.

"I hope so," the Republican bogeyman responds flippantly.

Other leftists are seen walking out and forcefully criticizing the manager.

Their experiment was rigged from the start. ABC carried out their made-for-tv fake "experiment" in the overwhelmingly white and majority Republican small township of Randolph, New Jersey.

From Wikipedia:
The racial makeup of the township was 82.44% (21,215) White, 2.68% (690) Black or African American... Hispanic or Latino of any race were 10.17% (2,616) of the population.
As of March 23, 2011, there were a total of 16,398 registered voters in Randolph Township, of which 3,822 (23.3%) were registered as Democrats, 4,895 (29.9%) were registered as Republicans and 7,670 (46.8%) were registered as Unaffiliated. There were 11 voters registered to other parties.
Most Trump supporters are getting harassed in heavily Democratic, large cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Berkeley.

No one thinks Trump supporters are getting harassed in small townships like "Randolph, New Jersey."

At the end of the show, while ABC plays clips of some of the customers saying they believe in free speech, ABC's John Quiñones says, "regardless of what side" their subjects were on, "the one thing most everyone agreed on was that basic American right -- freedom of expression."

First off, it's freedom of speech. Second, the overwhelming majority of Democrats do not believe in freedom of speech.

This has been found in poll after poll.

Here's the latest poll on free speech from the CATO Institute released in October 2017:

Banning "hate speech" goes completely against the First Amendment and would be the end of free speech in America.

Most Democrats support scrapping free speech in the name of protecting people's feelings. This is the reality of the country we live in, as opposed to the manufactured reality of ABC which portrayed the exact opposite.

Fake news stunts like this, to quote our great President, is why the media should accurately be described as "the enemy of the people."

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