Leftists Cheer Apple Purging Alex Jones From iTunes For 'Hate Speech,' Demand More Censorship

Chris Menahan
Aug. 06, 2018

Tom Cook's trillion dollar megacorp has purged a host of Alex Jones's podcasts saying they will "not tolerate hate speech" on iTunes and leftists are ecstatic.

Even though America has no laws against "hate speech," Apple is acting as speech police and moving hard to shut down opinions which go against their globalist agenda.

From Washington Post:
Apple has wiped iTunes and its podcasting app virtually clean of content by Alex Jones, in one of the most aggressive moves by streaming services and technology companies against the conspiracy theorist and owner of the right-wing media platform Infowars.

As of Sunday, just one program provided by Infowars remained, RealNews with David Knight. But the decision to completely pull other shows, including "The Alex Jones Show" and "War Room," represents a more severe response than those taken by other companies in recent days limiting Jones's reach. Last week Spotify removed several episodes of "The Alex Jones Show," following similar moves by YouTube and Facebook the week before.
[...]In a statement Sunday to The Washington Post, Apple confirmed its decision to remove Jones's shows from its directory, a move first reported by BuzzFeed.

"Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users," a spokesperson said. "Podcasts that violate these guidelines are removed from our directory making them no longer searchable or available for download or streaming. We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions."
Leftists cheered the censorship and called for more on Twitter:

The Democrats and their billionaire backers are working in concert to shut down all speech which goes against their globalist agenda.

Gone are the days of leftists hating on corporations and warning of a dystopian future world run by global capitalists and in are the days of leftists cheering a dystopian present where global capitalists shut down all speech they disagree with to crush a middle class revolt.

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