Spain: American Tourist Attacked By Gang Of African Migrants In Barcelona

Chris Menahan
Aug. 04, 2018

An American tourist traveling in Barcelona was hospitalized on Thursday after being attacked in the streets by a gang of African migrants.

From Voice of Europe:
A 45-year-old American man was attacked by a bunch of “manteros” (the Spanish name for African migrants who sell junk on the streets of the capital).

He was at the Place of Catalonia when he saw the manteros arguing with a woman who couldn’t cross the road with her pushchair.

The American tourist tried to help her but the migrants hit him with a belt, it was like “a whip” describe police sources.

He was hit so hard it caused “internal bleeding and a deep wound”. Fortunately, he was tended to by medics before being transferred to Barcelona’s Clinic hospital, where he was treated and is now out of danger.
After Italy's newly elected right-wing government moved to block all migrants from illegally entering their country in June, Spain's newly elected feminist government moved to let them all in.

The Daily Mail reported Friday that some 23,000 migrants have arrived in Spain in 2018 and "more than 1,500 have landed close to Algeciras on the Spanish coast in a week."

It's lead to scenes like this showing hundreds of military-aged males storming their border:

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