Pollster: 84% Of Americans Support Turning Illegal Aliens Over To Authorities

Chris Menahan
Jun. 29, 2018

Democratic pollster Mark Penn, a former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, said Thursday that the vast majority of Americans support turning illegal aliens over to the feds and oppose sanctuary city policies.

From The Hill, "Ex-Clinton aide: 84 percent of Americans support turning undocumented immigrants over to authorities":
“I asked them, ‘Do you think notifying ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] would in fact increase crime because it would inhibit people from reporting crimes or does it decrease crimes because it takes criminals off the street,’ and they overwhelming said ‘decrease,’ ” Penn told Hill.TV's “Rising.”

Penn said the response was strikingly “out of sync” with what the public might think about sanctuary cities. The broad term refers to cities that don’t fully cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to turning over people in the country illegally to immigration enforcement.

“When someone’s arrested, they expect someone will notify federal immigration authorities just as they would expect someone who violates state tax law will find out that they notified the IRS,” the pollster said.
Though the vast majority of Americans support getting these people the hell out of the country, the Democratic establishment want voters and the Republican establishment wants cheap labor for their donors.

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