CNN Reporter Sniffs 'Sarin Backpack' to Prove Assad Responsible For Chemical Weapons Attack

Paul Joseph Watson
Apr. 19, 2018

Video footage shows a CNN reporter visiting victims of the Douma chemical weapons attack and then sniffing their belongings, prompting some to question why the woman chose to inhale possibly dangerous substances.

"There's definitely something that stings," comments CNN's Arwa Damon as she sniffs a backpack that belongs to a child who was caught up in the chemical weapons attack.

"The smell is still quite strong, maybe these were the things they weren't able to wash," she subsequently states.

I'd be a little concerned about inhaling chemical weapons.

Also, how can she smell them when CNN itself reported that sarin was used in the attack? Sarin is odorless.

Towards the end of the report, Damon suggests that the air strikes launched on Syria were not enough and that more intervention is necessary.

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