Republican & Democrat Establishment Unite to Shaft America With $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill

Chris Menahan
Mar. 23, 2018

Despite our nation's bitter partisan divide, there's one issue the establishments of both political parties can come together on: shafting the American people and saddling our young people with trillions in debt.

It's times like these when you can really feel proud to be an American.

From the AP:
Congress has approved a $1.3 trillion measure bestowing hefty increases on military and domestic programs. It gives President Donald Trump just a nibble of the money he’s wanted to build his wall with Mexico.

The Senate gave final passage to the bipartisan legislation by 65-32 early Friday. The House approved it 256-167 hours earlier.
Rand Paul savaged the bill last night on Tucker:

The bill forbids funds going to build a wall on our southern border, but it does give $1.8 billion for Defense Secretary James Mattis to increase border security in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

Trump got only $1.6 billion for a few dozen miles of fencing and levee bollards.

Unlike anyone else in congress, Senator Rand Paul did his best to try and actually read what was in the bill and live tweeted his findings:

Any time both parties come together in congress odds are overwhelming it's to shaft the American public.

This is no exception.

Rather than veto this monstrosity, Trump's White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said he's going to sign the bill into law.

UPDATE: Trump threatens veto.

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