French Pres. Emmanuel Macron To Moroccan Migrant: 'You Have To Go Back...'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 27, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron channeled the spirit of President Donald Trump last week telling a Moroccan migrant "you have to go back to your country" because you're "not in danger in Morocco" and France can't "give papers to everyone."

"If you are not in danger, you should go back to your country," Macron told a female asylum seeker. "You are not in danger in Morocco."

"I cannot give French papers to everyone who doesn't have them, otherwise how do I deal with all the people who are already here and who cannot find work?" he said. "You see, so we have to protect the vulnerable people who are unsafe in their home country."

After the woman said her parents are currently living in France, Macron told her "you can come visit them regularly if you want."

Here's some more of what he said in context from Morocco World News:
“I can not lie to you: In France, we will protect all people who are in the asylum and who are not safe in their country. But we can not accommodate everyone who comes with working or student visas and who stay after. To be completely frank, you have to go back to your country,” he advised.

Faced with the disapproval of the young woman, whose parents are sick and currently in France, Macron concluded that “if they are here [the parents], we will treat them. This is how justice works in France, and it is already very generous as you can imagine.”

However, justifying his stricter immigration policy, Macron quoted the famous words of former French Prime Minister Michel Rocard in 1989: “We take our share, but we can not welcome all the misery of the world,” he said.
Here's the full clip unedited in French:

Here's the top reactions from Twitter:

Macron drew outrage back in July for saying Africa's problems are "civilizational" because their women are having "seven or eight" kids each even though they can't support them.

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