Report: Trump Shut Down CIA Program Arming Rebel Terrorists After Watching Disturbing Video

Chris Menahan
Aug. 01, 2017

President Trump reportedly shut down the CIA's covert Syria program after watching a disturbing video of CIA-backed rebels in Syria beheading a child.

From The Weekly Standard:
Earlier this year, President Donald Trump was shown a disturbing video of Syrian rebels beheading a child near the city of Aleppo. It had caused a minor stir in the press as the fighters belonged to the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, a group that had been supported by the CIA as part of its rebel aid program.

The footage is haunting. Five bearded men smirk as they surround a boy in the back of a pickup truck. One of them holds the boy’s head with a tight grip on his hair while another mockingly slaps his face. Then, one of them uses a knife to saw the child’s head off and holds it up in the air like a trophy. It is a scene reminiscent of the Islamic State’s snuff videos, except this wasn’t the work of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s men. The murderers were supposed to be the good guys: our allies.

Trump wanted to know why the United States had backed Zenki if its members are extremists. The issue was discussed at length with senior intelligence officials, and no good answers were forthcoming, according to people familiar with the conversations. After learning more worrisome details about the CIA’s ghost war in Syria—including that U.S.-backed rebels had often fought alongside extremists, among them al Qaeda’s arm in the country—the president decided to end the program altogether.
For the record, this video went viral while Obama was still in office. I posted an edited version from Syrian Girl back in August 2016.

Julian Assange tweeted it out earlier this year in June:

Of course, Obama chose to do nothing about it and merely looked the other way.

Hillary Clinton, had she won, would have watched it and laughed as she did with the murder of Muammar Gaddafi where he was literally sodomized to death.

Trump is the only candidate other than Rand Paul actually willing to shut this scheme down. This is exactly why I voted for him.

Note, he's not going to get an ounce of credit from the so-called "liberal" leaders of The Resistance™, who are actually fighting to preserve these very schemes.

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