Germany: Arab Migrants Playing 'Taharrush' Sexual Assault 'Game' At Public Pools

Chris Menahan
Sep. 29, 2016

Taharrush is a "game" in Middle Eastern countries where groups of Arabs surround women and girls and sexually molest them by grabbing their privates and tearing off their clothes.

As over one million Middle Eastern migrants have been allowed to flood into Germany with the promise of endless welfare and German women for the taking raping, the culturally enriching custom of taharrush has come with them.

The first mass molestation incident went down on New Years Eve in Cologne and elsewhere when hundreds of women were molested and attacked throughout the nation.

In this video from German TV, we see the "game" is now being played at their once peaceful public pools as well.

In July, a leaked police report confirmed there'd been a surge in sex crimes against children at pools throughout Germany.
The internal report was issued for officers of the Criminal Commisariat 12 - responsible for sex crimes and missing persons - and states: 'The K12 can confirm a surge in sex crimes at these establishments.

'In particular rape and the sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments have given us grave cause for concern.

'The perpetrators are, for the most part, immigrants.'
This is Angela Merkel calls "cultural enrichment."

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