Right Wing Belgian Groups BANNED From Protesting In Molenbeek, The 'European Capital of Jihad'

Mar. 30, 2016

Nationalistic organisations have been banned from holding a demonstration in the Muslim enclave of Molenbeek, Brussels -- an area which has become know as the 'European capital of Jihad'. Molenbeek mayor Françoise Schepmans personally blocked the demonstration, which was planned for 3pm this Saturday in the public square of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, RTBF reports.

She said she would not let the group "express themselves" because they were "extremists" akin to the Islamist terrorists hailing from district, who were behind both the Paris and Brussels attacks.

The “hipster right-wing” Génération Identitaire group had planned the event – a notably young movement, including many students who are opposed to mass-immigration the islamisation of Europe.

The 'Casuals United Belgium' group of football hooligans had announced on Facebook that would also be in attendance, declaring: "This is the perfect opportunity to express our dissatisfaction in the heart of the lion's den".

The group was part of the 'Casuals Against Terrorism' demonstration on Sunday, which police hit with water cannon and pepper spray.

"We have no knowledge of any demonstration request from this movement. But in any case, this demonstration will not be authorised", said Mayor Schepmans, explaining that:

"When we fight extremism, it is against all extremisms. It is therefore out of the question to allow furious madmen [fous furieux] to express themselves."

And if people defy the ban, "the police will be present to dissolve the gathering on the spot", she promised.

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