FOX Con-Artists Use Unnecessary Censorship To Make Trump Sound Like He Said 'F*ck'

by Chris Menahan
Feb. 10, 2016

The con-artists at Fox News bleeped a video of Donald Trump to make it sound like he said "f*ck," despite the fact Trump only mouthed the word for dramatic effect.

While giving a speech in New Hampshire last week, Trump brought up the fact jobs are leaving America and places like New Hampshire for Mexico. After saying he's going to bring the jobs back, he said you can "tell them to go (then he mouthed the word fuck) themselves."

FOX decided this non-audible F-word was worthy of beeping. Gretchen Carlson played the clip yesterday right as Trump was on the line waiting to be interviewed for her show The Real Story. Fortunately, Trump was able to hear the audio and immediately called Fox out on their deceptive editing.

"I never said that word, I let a blank, there was a big blank there," Trump said.

"I don't know if that comes out, you blanked it, there was a blank there, I never said the word."

Here's the real version:

Here's Fox's edited version:

This is highly deceptive--Fox literally censored his self-censorship--there's no question they would have gotten away with it too if Trump wasn't on the line to point out their fraud.

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