Donald Trump 'Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize' For 'Vigorous Peace Through Strength Ideology'

The Independent
Feb. 03, 2016

Monday was not a good day for Donald Trump. His infamous phrase ‘loser’ came back to haunt him when he was forced to admit defeat to rival Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus after weeks of being billed as the Republican frontrunner.

But on Tuesday, it emerged that Trump’s name had reportedly made it on to a list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize - alongside figures such as Pope Francis and a campaigner for Isis rape survivors.

[...] a letter submitted by an unidentified US nominator who proposed Trump for “his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, Isis, nuclear Iran and Communist China”. He did not list Trump as one of the candidates who actually has a chance of winning.

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