Cop Confronts Open Carry Activist for Engaging in Constitutional 'Crap,' 'Bullsh*t'

Officer under investigation for detaining man conducting perfectly legal activity
by Adan Salazar

Feb. 26, 2015

A Houston police officer is coming under fire for his actions captured on camera during an encounter with an open-carry activist.

The video, uploaded to Youtube Monday by gun rights group Open Carry Texas, depicts a Houston police officer approaching, then harassing a man who is openly displaying an AR 15 rifle, which is perfectly legal in Texas.

“The officer says he received complaints from people who did not know the law about a person carrying a rifle,” according to the video’s description.

In the video, the unidentified Houston officer attempts to persuade a Second Amendment activist wearing a kilt to present identification because he is walking around with “a gun strapped on his hip,” which the man refuses to do.

After the man explains to the officer, “I do not consent to questioning,” the irritated cop fires back, “Look you can try this constitutional crap all you want, but I got news for ya. I’m part of that three percent you’re trying to represent, but you ain’t doing nothing but f*ck it up for everybody else right now, you got me?”

During the encounter, another officer grabs the man’s camera and turns it away from the action, claiming she “didn’t want it to slide off the hood.”

When the man still refuses to identify himself, the officer replies, “You can try all you want with your Constitutional bulls*it alright? But you don’t know your rights as well as you think you do.”

The man is then detained in the back of a squad car while the officer phones the District Attorney, who cannot find a reason to arrest the man.

“Right (after meeting) you can hear it plain as day, the officer says you’re not under arrest and you’re not being detained,” an activist with Open Carry Texas, David Amad, told CBS affiliate KHOU.

Amad takes issue with the officer’s references to the Constitution as “crap” and “bulls*it.”

“Here’s the bottom line… If you respect the contents of a document, you don’t refer to those contents as crap and bull****. It’s as simple as that. That’s just about the most un-American thing I can think of. You’re a public official. You don’t own that street and you’re dealing with a taxpayer on which you have absolutely no evidence of a crime. What do you have to hide?”

After viewing the video, Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland is opening up an investigation into the incident, but said the department had no further comment.

Watch video of the full encounter below:

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