Woman Convicted Of Battery For Pat Down Of TSA Worker

Action was protest against invasive groping which included touching woman’s genitals
Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Jul. 13, 2012

59-year-old Carol Jean Price has been found guilty of battery for conducting what thousands of Americans are subjected to every day – a TSA-style pat down.

A jury took just 20 minutes to deliver the verdict which stemmed from an incident earlier this year which took place at at Southwest Florida International Airport.

Traveling to her brother's funeral in Cleveland, Ohio on April 20, Price, a former TSA screener, became infuriated at receiving a pat down, which included touching her breasts and genitals, a violation of the protocols she herself had been trained to carry out.

"(The screener) dug into my bra strap coming down," Price told the jury. "She also swiped the palm of her hand down the front of my breast."

"She just took the palm of her hand and went up my leg -- front, back, right leg, left leg -- and touched my genitals," added Price.

The Lee County woman voiced her complaint to a TSA supervisor and proceeded to physically demonstrate how she was groped. Video footage of the incident shows Price running her hands up the inside thigh of a TSA worker for a period of no more than two seconds.

Price’s actions were mild in comparison to what TSA agents routinely inflict on the traveling public – grope downs which include physically grabbing people’s genitals.

Responding to the incident, the TSA claimed Price had carried out an act of "violence" by groping the TSA supervisor, while Price's defense attorney John Mills contended that the treatment dished out to Price by TSA agents was far more invasive.

Price was found guilty of battery, given six months of probation and issued a $500 fine.

Why are cops and FBI agents forbidden from touching American citizens without probable cause whereas TSA agents, who although festooned with badges and uniforms are not law enforcement officials, get away with behavior the federal agency itself characterizes as "violence" on a daily basis?

Why has Price been charged with battery while TSA agents are bestowed with some kind of divine power that makes them immune to carrying out sexual assaults against the public on a daily basis?
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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