3 elderly women say TSA agents made them pull down pants, underwear

TSA says agents followed protocol
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Dec. 06, 2011

Yet the TSA is just flat out lying saying this never happened. The TSA has repeatedly been caught lying blatantly, they have zero credibility and everything they say can and should be assumed to be a lie. - ChrisWith age come such things as catheters, colostomy bags and adult diapers. Now add another indignity to getting old -- having to drop your pants and show these things to a complete stranger.

Two women in their 80s put the Transportation Security Administration on the defensive this week by going public about their embarrassment during screenings in a private room at Kennedy Airport. One claimed she was forced to lower her pants and underwear in front of an agent so that her back brace could be inspected. Another said agents made her pull down her waistband to show her colostomy bag.

While not confirming some of the details, the TSA said a preliminary review shows officers followed the agency’s procedures in both cases. But experts said the potential for such searches will increase as the U.S. population ages and receives prosthetics and other medical devices, some of which cannot go through screening machines.

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