TSA officer kills himself during police shoot out, cops almost kill his innocent child

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 25, 2011

Note how the police shot up his car and almost killed his wife and child, this despite it appearing they were told specifically by the man's family he had kidnapped his estranged pregnant wife and 2-year-old son.

KOB.com reports:
[...] The family told police eight months pregnant Varela-Gonzalez and her 2-year-old son had been kidnapped from Pecos by her estranged husband Diego Gonzalez, 27, and gave dispatch a description of the suspectís vehicle: a large, dark Ford F-350 with Marine Corps plates.

Officers spotted the truck before midnight Tuesday near I-25 and Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe and attempted to pull the truck over. When Gonzalez finally stopped, police say they tried to order him out of the car for about a minute until he leaned out of the front driver window and started firing at police with a handgun, hitting a squad car several times.

Police returned fire and shortly after Varela-Gonzalez ran out of the truck and told officers the suspect inside had killed himself.

Fortunately both Varela-Gonzalez and her young son, also named Diego, were unharmed despite several bullet holes that could be seen inches above a car seat in the back of the truck. [...]

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