Whistleblowers: FBI Agents Are Being 'Encouraged And Incentivized' to Reclassify Cases As Domestic Extremism
InformationLiberationJul 28
The FBI is reportedly "pressuring" agents to reclassify cases as "domestic violent extremism" -- regardless of the facts of the case -- in order to bolster the Biden regime's narrative that white extremists are the "greatest threat" our country faces.
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British Media Runs With 'Putin Replaced With Body Double' Conspiracy Theory
InformationLiberationJul 23
There is no anti-Russian propaganda too ridiculous for the British media to run with.
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'Obese Russian General' Story Exposed As War Propaganda
InformationLiberationJul 11
Obese Russian "General Pavel," "67," who the media claimed a "desperate" Vladimir Putin called up to fight in Ukraine after losing so many generals, is actually 58-year-old Ivan Ivanovich Turchin, a veteran of both the Russian military and the Border Guard who retired in 2011, and there's no evidence he's in Ukraine.
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Uvalde Officer Asked Supervisor For Permission to Shoot Gunman Outside School But Got No Answer
InformationLiberationJul 06
"An Uvalde police officer asked for a supervisor's permission to shoot the gunman who would soon kill 21 people at Robb Elementary School in May before he entered the building, but the supervisor did not hear the request or responded too late, according to a report released Wednesday evaluating the law enforcement response to the shooting," the Texas Tribune reports.
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Trump White House Attorney Says He, Not Cassidy Hutchinson, Wrote Note She Claimed Was Hers
InformationLiberationJun 29
Former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson appears to have been caught in yet another whopper of a lie.
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Secret Service Lead And Presidential Driver Both Prepared to Testify Under Oath That Trump 'Steering Wheel Lunge' Never Happened, No 'Assault' Took Place
InformationLiberationJun 28
Former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson's "bombshell" testimony to the Jan 6 Committee was undermined within hours on Tuesday after NBC News reported that the Secret Service's lead agent and the presidential driver are both prepared to testify under oath that neither were assaulted and Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.
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Uvalde Shooter Could Have Been Stopped in Three Minutes, Classroom Door Key 'Was Never Needed'
InformationLiberationJun 21
The mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde could have been stopped within three minutes if police armed with rifles and body armor engaged the shooter rather than take cover and hide in the name of officer safety, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw testified Tuesday.
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Fired Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied About Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince West to Send More Weapons
InformationLiberationJun 09
Mission accomplished.
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WashPo: ADL Data on Right-Wing Extremist Violence is a Fraud
InformationLiberationMay 29
The Anti-Defamation League's data claiming right-wing extremists are responsible for the vast majority of "extremist-related killings" is a total fraud.
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"Retired" Federal Agent "Regularly Communicated" With Buffalo Gunman in Private Discord Chatroom
InformationLiberationMay 27
A "retired" federal agent "regularly communicated" with accused Buffalo gunman Payton Gendron in an online chatroom on Discord and authorities are investigating whether he had advanced knowledge of the attack, according to a report from The Buffalo News.
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'I Tried to Gather Your Fire and Rage': Emails Show ACLU Staffer Wrote Amber Heard's 2018 WashPo #MeToo Op-Ed
InformationLiberationMay 02
An ACLU staffer wrote Amber Heard's 2018 op-ed in the Washington Post pitching her as a "public figure representing domestic abuse" after she pledged to donate $3.5 million to the liberal activist group, emails shared in court by Johnny Depp's legal team reveal.
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Ukraine Admits 'Ghost of Kyiv' Was A Made Up Hoax
InformationLiberationMay 01
The Ukrainian military on Saturday admitted that the "Ghost of Kyiv" was a made up hoax -- right as dozens of controlled media outlets were running articles identifying the "legendary pilot" as Major Stepan Tarabalka and reporting that he had died heroically after downing some 40 Russian fighter jets.
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Study Confirms Media Buries Murderers' Race - Unless They're White
InformationLiberationApr 14
The Washington Free Beacon examined over a thousand articles on homicides from the NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and other major papers and found that the media systematically buries the race of murderers -- unless they're white, in which case they make sure to highlight it right in the beginning of their stories.
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FBI Frame-Up Collapses: Jury Declines to Convict Defendants in Whitmer 'Kidnapping Plot'
InformationLiberationApr 08
The FBI manufactured a domestic terrorism plot to sway the 2020 election.
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Questions Abound Over Bucha [UPDATE II]
InformationLiberationApr 04
The Pentagon on Monday admitted they could not independently confirm Ukraine's account of the killings that took place in Bucha.
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NYT: U.S. Intel Claiming Putin 'Misinformed' on War is Part of 'Information Warfare' Campaign
InformationLiberationMar 30
The top story the controlled media pushed on Wednesday was part of a Biden administration "information warfare" campaign aimed at disrupting Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to the New York Times.
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U.S. Calls BS On Bellingcat Report Claiming Roman Abramovich Was 'Poisoned With Chemical Weapons' During 'Peace Talks'
InformationLiberationMar 29
Russian-Israeli oligarch Roman Abramovich is pulling out all the stops to try and keep the US from sanctioning him.
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Ukraine's MoD Shares Fake Video Game Footage Of Army 'Skillfully Eliminating Four Russian Helicopters'
InformationLiberationMar 25
Just days after President Zelensky nationalized all TV media in order to "tell the truth about the war," the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense was caught sharing fake video game footage they claimed was the Ukrainian Army "skillfully eliminating" four Russian Ka-52 helicopters.
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WashPo: Scant Evidence Zelensky Said 'I Need Ammo, Not a Ride' - Quote Was Put Out by U.S. Intel Official
InformationLiberationMar 07
There is scant evidence Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky turned down a US offer to evacuate Kiev by responding, "The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride."
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Zelensky Lies About Russia 'Shelling Nuclear Plant' And Triggering 'Radiation Leak' in Latest Bid to Con NATO Into War
InformationLiberationMar 04
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky claimed in an "emotional" speech on Thursday night that Russia intentionally launched an attack on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the city of Energodar with tanks and warned that the entirety of Europe could be destroyed as a result.
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Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Was NOT Damaged by Russian Missile Strike, Contrary to Zelensky's Claims
InformationLiberationMar 02
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky claimed on Monday that Russia carried out an airstrike on Babi Yar Holocaust memorial in Kiev in order to "erase our history" and said the destruction was "beyond humanity" but an Israeli journalist who visited the site on Wednesday found it's "unscathed."
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War Propaganda: 'Snake Island' Story Falls Apart After Video 'Shows Soldiers Detained Alive'
InformationLiberationFeb 26
Perhaps the biggest story hyped by the controlled media this week was the tale of 13 Ukrainian soldiers stationed on Snake Island refusing to surrender to a Russian warship and telling them "go f**k yourself" before being blown to smithereens.
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War Propaganda: Video of 'Russian Mobile Crematoriums' Used to 'Hide Evidence' is From 2013 Ad
InformationLiberationFeb 26
The controlled media all ran with a propaganda piece from The Telegraph this week claiming Russia had deployed "mobile crematoriums" to "hide evidence of battlefield casualties."
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Jeffrey Epstein Procurer Jean-Luc Brunel Found Hanged in French Jail
InformationLiberationFeb 19
Jean-Luc Brunel, a modeling agent who allegedly worked to recruit girls for Jeffrey Epstein's honeypot operation, appears to have been "suicided" late Friday night.
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Canadian 'Anti-Hate Network' Caught Spreading Hate Hoax to Smear Truckers
InformationLiberationFeb 07
Bernie Farber, the former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress and current leader of the "Canadian Anti-Hate Network," was caught spreading a hate hoax on Sunday in an effort to smear Canadian truckers.
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German Health Minister Admits 'Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated' Narrative Was A Load Of Crap, Blames 'Software' Error
InformationLiberationJan 26
The German government has admitted that the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" narrative they used to oppress purebloods was based off a "software" error which incorrectly told them 90% of new covid cases were among the unvaccinated.
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State Department Says Claim The West Is In Decline Is A 'Russian Disinformation Trope'
InformationLiberationJan 24
The State Department under Antony Blinken put out a propaganda piece just days ago insisting it's Russian "disinformation" that the West is in a state of decay.
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Not One Body Has Been Found At Indigenous 'Unmarked Mass Grave' In Kamloops, Canada
InformationLiberationJan 19
Over a dozen churches were set on fire throughout Canada over claims that ground-penetrating radar discovered what appeared to be an "unmarked mass grave" of indigenous children "as young as three years old" in Kamloops, yet not one body has been exhumed and the radar signatures of "graves" may just be tree roots and stones.
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Comedy Gold: GMA Edited CDC Director's Comorbidities Comments Completely Out Of Context
InformationLiberationJan 11
CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on Friday did not admit the truth that the overwhelming majority of covid deaths were among people with multiple comorbidities, Good Morning America just took her comments completely out of context through the magic of garbage editing.
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Ann Coulter Calls Out Ghislaine Maxwell Juror As A 'Plant' Working to Set Her Free
InformationLiberationJan 06
Ann Coulter on Thursday called out Ghislaine Maxwell juror Scotty David as a "plant" working to set her free by running to the press to "announce he lied during jury selection and his lie influenced deliberations."
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