Proud Boys J6 Sedition Trial Halted After Leaked Chat Logs Show FBI Agent Said Her Boss Ordered Her to 'Destroy Evidence'
InformationLiberationMar 09
The feds' political persecution of the Proud Boys took a wild turn after unintentionally leaked chat logs from FBI Special Agent Nicole Miller revealed she said she was ordered by her boss to "destroy" "338 items of evidence."
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NYT: U.S. Intel 'Suggests' Nondescript 'Pro-Ukrainian Group' Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines
InformationLiberationMar 07
A nondescript "pro-Ukrainian group" with zero connections to the governments of Ukraine, America or Britain carried out the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, according to anonymous US intelligence officials who spoke with the New York Times.
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Tucker Releases New J6 Footage Showing Police Escorted Q-Anon Shaman Throughout The Capitol, J6 Committee Misled The Public
InformationLiberationMar 07
Tucker Carlson released a host of new footage "demolishing" the claim that January 6th was an "insurrection" and exposing the January 6th Committee for intentionally misleading the public with selectively edited footage.
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Air Raid Siren Went Off During Biden's Visit to Kiev Despite 'No Reports of Missile Strikes' And No Explosions
InformationLiberationFeb 20
Aviator Joe's cool, calm and collected entrance into Kiev as air sirens blared on Monday was staged for dramatic effect, according to reports from CNN and Reuters.
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Hobby Club Suspects Their Missing $12 Balloon Was One Of The 'UFOs' Shot Down by U.S. Govt
InformationLiberationFeb 16
A hobby club known as the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade suspects a $12 pico balloon of theirs that went "missing in action" was one of the unknown objects shot down with a $400,000 Sidewinder missile by the US government last week.
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DOJ Drops Probe Into Rep. Matt Gaetz After Leaked Texts Implicate Israeli Govt in $25M Extortion Plot
InformationLiberationFeb 15
The Department of Justice officially declined to charge Florida Rep Matt Gaetz in a sex trafficking investigation on Wednesday after leaked texts revealed the Israeli government appeared to be implicated in a $25 million extortion plot targeting Gaetz's family.
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White House Says 'No Indication' of Alien Activity in Recent Takedowns As Underlings Hype 'UFO' Threat
InformationLiberationFeb 13
The White House on Monday threw cold water on the "UFO/alien threat" their underlings spent the last few days hyping in order to hijack the news cycle.
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Top Zelensky Advisor Resigns After Stating Apartment Bombing Was Result of Ukraine Shooting Down Russian Missile
InformationLiberationJan 18
A top adviser to Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky resigned on Tuesday after being accused of "treason" for revealing that the deadly Dnepr apartment bombing last week was the unintended consequence of Ukraine shooting down a Russian missile.
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British Author John Sweeney Says Jeffrey Epstein DID Kill Himself, Had No Connections to Israeli Intelligence But Was a 'Nazi'
InformationLiberationJan 06
British journalist John Sweeney, author of the new book Hunting Ghislaine, wants the public to know that Jeffrey Epstein did kill himself and had no connections to Israeli intelligence but was "a bit of a Nazi."
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EU Chief Says Over 100,000 Ukrainian Troops Have Been Killed in War With Russia; EU Cuts Statement From Her Speech
InformationLiberationNov 30
Ursula von der Leyen, the Head of the European Commission, made an address on Wednesday claiming that more than 100,000 Ukrainian troops have died in their war with Russia.
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AP Fires Reporter Behind False Report Claiming 'Russian Missiles Struck Poland'
InformationLiberationNov 22
The Associated Press on Monday fired one of two reporters with a byline on last week's now-retracted report that claimed "Russian missiles" had "crossed into NATO member Poland" and killed two people.
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Zelensky Insists Missile That Struck Poland Was Russian - Despite NATO, Poland And U.S. All Fingering Ukraine
InformationLiberationNov 16
Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said Wednesday that he has "no doubt" that Russia is to blame for the missile that struck Poland, even though the US, NATO and Poland all determined it was most likely fired by Ukraine.
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AP Issues 'Correction' to Lie That 'Russian Missiles' Struck Poland, Admits Ukraine Most Likely Culprit
InformationLiberationNov 16
The Associated Press on Wednesday issued a correction to their false report that blamed Russia for striking Poland based off the claim of one single anonymous senior US intelligence official.
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AP: U.S. Officials Admit Missile That Struck Poland Was Most Likely Fired by Ukraine, Not Russia
InformationLiberationNov 15
Three US officials admitted to the Associated Press late Tuesday night that preliminary assessments implicate Ukraine -- not Russia -- as the culprit behind the missile strike in Poland that killed two people in the rural village of Przewodow.
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Video Shows Charlamagne Tha God, Who Labeled Kanye 'A Nazi,' Saying Jews Run Hollywood And The Music Industry
InformationLiberationOct 29
Charlamagne tha God attacked Kanye "Ye" West as "a Nazi" earlier this week over his comments about Jewish control of the media and music industry but newly surfaced video shows Charlamagne himself saying exactly the same thing.
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'Gold Teeth' Ukraine Recovered From 'Russian Mini-Auschwitz Torture Chamber' Were Actually From Village Dentist - Report
InformationLiberationOct 06
The Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Tuesday posted a photograph of a box of "gold dental crowns" they claimed were extracted from Ukrainian victims in a "torture chamber" in Pisky-Radkivski they dubbed a "mini Auschwitz."
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Bloomberg Hosts Panic After Columbia Prof Speculates That Nord Stream Sabotage Was a 'U.S. Operation'
InformationLiberationOct 03
Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs shocked Bloomberg News' hosts on Monday by speculating that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines was a "US operation" or joint "US-Poland action."
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'Today is The Start of My New Life': Sailor Accused of Setting Fire to USS Bonhomme Richard Found Not Guilty
InformationLiberationOct 03
Ryan Sawyer Mays, the sailor accused of setting fire to the USS Bonhomme Richard in July 2020, was found not guilty on Friday by a military judge.
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Fox News' Griffin: There's 'No Evidence' U.S. Was Involved in Nord Stream 2 Explosion Because The Pentagon Says So
InformationLiberationSep 28
Regime media propagandist Jennifer Griffin, who just recently signed a new multiyear deal with Fox News, reported Wednesday that there is "no evidence or indication" the US was involved "in any way" with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion because the Pentagon told her they had nothing to do with it.
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FLASHBACK: Biden 'Promised' There 'Will Be No Longer a Nord Stream 2' if Russia Invades Ukraine
InformationLiberationSep 27
Joe Biden's "promise" that "there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2" pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine is attracting new attention in the wake of the suspected sabotage of both Nord Stream 2 and Nord Stream 1.
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Matt Gaetz Frame-Up Collapses: DOJ Prosecutors 'Recommend No Charges' Due to 'Credibility Questions' of Main Witnesses
InformationLiberationSep 24
The sex-trafficking investigation into Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, which Gaetz himself said was part of an extortion scheme organized by agents of the Israeli government, has reportedly fallen apart due to the two main witnesses against him getting exposed for having massive credibility issues.
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CBS News Censors Own Film Exposing How Only 30% of U.S. Weapons Aid for Ukraine Makes it to Front Lines
InformationLiberationAug 07
CBS News on Sunday night pulled their own bombshell documentary "Arming Ukraine" exposing how only 30% at most of the tens of billions of dollars worth of US weapons aid sent to Ukraine is making it to the front lines.
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Whistleblowers: FBI Agents Are Being 'Encouraged And Incentivized' to Reclassify Cases As Domestic Extremism
InformationLiberationJul 28
The FBI is reportedly "pressuring" agents to reclassify cases as "domestic violent extremism" -- regardless of the facts of the case -- in order to bolster the Biden regime's narrative that white extremists are the "greatest threat" our country faces.
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British Media Runs With 'Putin Replaced With Body Double' Conspiracy Theory
InformationLiberationJul 23
There is no anti-Russian propaganda too ridiculous for the British media to run with.
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'Obese Russian General' Story Exposed As War Propaganda
InformationLiberationJul 11
Obese Russian "General Pavel," "67," who the media claimed a "desperate" Vladimir Putin called up to fight in Ukraine after losing so many generals, is actually 58-year-old Ivan Ivanovich Turchin, a veteran of both the Russian military and the Border Guard who retired in 2011, and there's no evidence he's in Ukraine.
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Uvalde Officer Asked Supervisor For Permission to Shoot Gunman Outside School But Got No Answer
InformationLiberationJul 06
"An Uvalde police officer asked for a supervisor's permission to shoot the gunman who would soon kill 21 people at Robb Elementary School in May before he entered the building, but the supervisor did not hear the request or responded too late, according to a report released Wednesday evaluating the law enforcement response to the shooting," the Texas Tribune reports.
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Trump White House Attorney Says He, Not Cassidy Hutchinson, Wrote Note She Claimed Was Hers
InformationLiberationJun 29
Former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson appears to have been caught in yet another whopper of a lie.
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Secret Service Lead And Presidential Driver Both Prepared to Testify Under Oath That Trump 'Steering Wheel Lunge' Never Happened, No 'Assault' Took Place
InformationLiberationJun 28
Former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson's "bombshell" testimony to the Jan 6 Committee was undermined within hours on Tuesday after NBC News reported that the Secret Service's lead agent and the presidential driver are both prepared to testify under oath that neither were assaulted and Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.
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Uvalde Shooter Could Have Been Stopped in Three Minutes, Classroom Door Key 'Was Never Needed'
InformationLiberationJun 21
The mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde could have been stopped within three minutes if police armed with rifles and body armor engaged the shooter rather than take cover and hide in the name of officer safety, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw testified Tuesday.
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Fired Ukrainian Official Admits She Lied About Russians Committing Mass Rape to Convince West to Send More Weapons
InformationLiberationJun 09
Mission accomplished.
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