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Re: Prince Charles Gives World Reprieve: Extends ‘100-Month’ Climate ‘Tipping Point’ to 35 More Years posted 07/28/2015, 9:36 PM
Translated: The people aren't buying the climate-change-con. We're opting for plan b as means to control; "A Brave New World" script, and, the U)nited S)ocialist A)ssociation is on board. 35 y ...
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Re: Hillary Clinton Boards Private Jet Hours After Global-Warming Push posted 07/28/2015, 9:18 PM
There's no place for logic in politics.
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Re: 3-Year-Old London Child Deemed 'Extremist' and Placed in Government Reeducation Program posted 07/28/2015, 9:13 PM
"The United Kingdom has gone batshit crazy." - enough said The first time I read "1984," I thought - no way. Now, the BBC (Big Brother Corporation) has surpassed the objectives in the book to the ...
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Re: Cop Caught on Video Throwing Food at Homeless Person, Treating Him Like a Zoo Animal posted 07/28/2015, 9:01 PM
He wasn't being beaten, zapped, kicked, shot.... So, if the man hadn't been homeless, would there even had been an "internal investigation?
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Re: Much To Do About Nothing Over El Chapo posted 07/22/2015, 10:45 PM
A drug lord nicknamed "shorty." Wtf?
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Re: Trump Is Right: John McCain is Not A Hero posted 07/22/2015, 10:38 PM
Trump is a media tool, hence, he's running for president. The term "war hero" is a contradiction.
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Re: The American Nightmare: The Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System posted 07/22/2015, 9:20 PM
Upload your data dougo. Did you get your living situation worked out?
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Re: Americans Sign Petition to Pull Award Winning Film '12 Years a Slave' For Racism posted 07/22/2015, 9:13 PM
"Frankenstein was a zombie." Life imitating art. My poor state...
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Re: AP Source: Federal Agent's Gun Used in San Francisco Sanctuary City Murder posted 07/08/2015, 8:19 PM
...."has been deported five times." Further proof America is the largest concentration camp on earth. It takes 2 months to get a passport, background check, countless hours waiting at airports for b ...
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Re: South Carolina Massacre Results In Apple Going Flag-Stupid In The App Store posted 06/27/2015, 1:56 AM
7147, or, perhaps, the battle flag was deliberately left at full staff. That flag's meaning was established long before the Confederacy raised it in battle and that meaning has nothing to do with the ...
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Re: Obamacare Travesty: The Supreme Court Continues To Make Stuff Up Out Of Thin Air posted 06/27/2015, 1:08 AM
Isn't that the gist of all statutory law? A bunch of nonsense that's been made-up by people with (supposed) preemptive powers? If the founding fathers were to see America at that this point in ...
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Re: Ain't That Amerika: Routine State Terrorism in the Imperial Capital posted 06/20/2015, 2:44 PM
A politicians job is to sale government; the largest lie there is. A cop jobs is to protect that lie. By default both police and politicians are liars. If I were going to consider this one facet ...
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Re: Hospitals Are Blatantly Ripping Us Off posted 06/16/2015, 1:41 AM
With the commie-care takeover, rising medical-care-costs will be the least of our concerns. @50163, there's fine print on that welfare paper, that people don't seem to understand or, they choose ...
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Re: Cops Freak Out Over 'Shoot A Cop' Bumper Sticker, News Warns It Could 'Incite Violence' posted 06/15/2015, 2:41 PM
What if it would have read: "shoot a senator," or, "shoot the president"? Notice how it's only "free speech" when it suits the social restructuring program. I don't advocate for shooting police b ...
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Re: Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny posted 06/11/2015, 3:02 PM
7465, I'd like to continue this exchange. (559)-972-6878 call me, I'll incur the charges if you'd like. The network nodes delete my e-mail addresses as fast as I can make them up, or I'd give you an e ...
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Re: Texas Cops Shut Down Little Girls' Lemonade Stand For Operating Without A Permit posted 06/11/2015, 2:30 AM
50180, the "Jews" you're referring to.... I'm ignorant on the "Jew" subject. Words carry various and differing meanings for people. I am curious how you've come to the conclusion that it is the ...
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Re: Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny posted 06/10/2015, 9:05 PM
Common law jurisdiction was supposed to prevent the federal government from doing, well, precisely what it has done; amassing an obscene concentration of power, while we're being led like cattle to th ...
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Re: Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny posted 06/10/2015, 12:08 PM
@7465, imagine that I write up a bunch of ideals and laws into contract form. Imagine that I get a bunch of people to agree to follow my ideals, even signing their names to my contract. Now, imagine t ...
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Re: Slave or Rebel? Ten Principles for Escaping the Matrix and Standing Up to Tyranny posted 06/10/2015, 1:27 AM
Escaping the matrix requires only LOGIC; learning to distinguish between finite and infinite. Example: The comment above me up there ^ is infinite. Make believe rules, make believe laws - which ...
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Re: Feds Plot Course to Resume NSA Spying posted 06/10/2015, 1:14 AM
As though signing or, not signing, a piece of paper will keep the cartel from their Big Brother programs.... Oh look, they even tried to make it appear as though Obama has some sort of say in the matt ...
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