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Re: Can the FBI Be Trusted? posted 04/24/2015, 10:14 PM
"Can the FBI Be Trusted?" Trick question?!
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Re: Nine Questions About Liberland, The World's Newest (Possibly Fake) Country posted 04/23/2015, 1:27 AM
If it's legit there's gonna be a huge uphill battle as states don't like it when their tax-slaves leave the plantation. Nonetheless, I think more stories like this will be coming as states get more ...
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Re: Video: Assault Rifle Wielding Cop Snatches & Smashes Woman's Phone For Filming posted 04/22/2015, 12:12 AM
"The attack on her by the officer constitutes an assault." Actually, according to the Constitution, Article 3, Section 3, the badged thug committed, in addition to assault, treason against that l ...
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Re: Video: Citizen Pulls Cop Over For Reckless Driving! posted 04/17/2015, 5:05 PM
Such a statement holds a lot of weigh here in the United States of 'Merica, Peter. It's cultural, appealing to American exceptionalism and patriotism motivates 'Mericans from the depths of their patr ...
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Re: Video: Citizen Pulls Cop Over For Reckless Driving! posted 04/17/2015, 3:22 PM
Likewise, in my experience cops are the most reckless drivers on the road BY FAR.
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Re: Welcome To Gainesville, Florida: Where The Police Dress Like The Military And Pull You Over In Tanks posted 04/13/2015, 3:51 PM
A huge percentage of cops these days are former military, they're taught the US is a warzone and act accordingly. These deputies could certainly be some of them.
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Re: Here's A News Report We'd Be Reading If Walter Scott's Killing Wasn't On Video posted 04/09/2015, 1:00 PM
I enjoyed it, I thought it was quite accurate too.
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Re: Do You Have A Right To Discriminate? posted 04/08/2015, 7:51 AM
It doesn't say who to discriminate against, merely that you can discriminate against people, though only for "religious reasons." As a libertarian that's my main issue with the law, a better law woul ...
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Re: Peter Schiff: If You're Not Free to Discriminate, You're Not Free posted 04/03/2015, 2:49 AM
Actually, he's saying everyone has the right to discriminate.
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Re: Global Warming Consensus Claim Does Not Stand Up posted 04/01/2015, 7:33 PM
See: "Over 200 peer-reviewed papers demonstrating solar control of climate published since 2010" "Yes, the sun ...
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Re: Yik Yak Suddenly Blasts into the Mainstream posted 03/24/2015, 5:08 PM
If a grilled cheese truck can be worth $25 million there's no reason an app can't be worth $350 million!
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Re: FL Police Hire Cop Fired For Lying And Excessive Force, Say He's A 'Nice Guy' posted 03/20/2015, 5:57 PM
Yes Dougo, other than that he's just swell!
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Re: Charges Dropped Despite Video Showing APD Officer Shooting an Innocent Man in the Face posted 03/20/2015, 12:13 AM
Thanks Anon, I corrected it!
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Re: Jeffrey Tucker Debates Jan Helfeld on Anarchism posted 03/16/2015, 10:22 PM
It's classic Helfeld! ;) I enjoyed the grilling, Jeffrey showed a lot of patience. Jan's questioning style can be quite tilting! Jeff got him to just come out and make his point without all the So ...
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Re: Jury Says Robin Thicke And Pharrell Infringed... Even If They Didn't Mean To: Told To Pay $7.3 Million posted 03/11/2015, 8:41 AM
It's straightforward extortion.
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Re: Underdogs and Overlords posted 03/09/2015, 1:45 PM
LOL, don't joke it'll come true!
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Re: The Net Neutrality Scam posted 02/28/2015, 5:05 PM
Yes, this "John Priest" character is a provocateur. That said the site is not liable for the posts of users, that's been ruled many times. Nonetheless it violates our comment policy, I don't think ...
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Re: Feds Threaten D.C. Officials with Prison If they Go Through with Pot Legalization on Thursday posted 02/25/2015, 10:30 PM
Damn, that's hilarious.
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Re: Video: People Will Sign Anything You Ask Them To If You Wear An Obama T-Shirt posted 02/25/2015, 2:27 AM
How many libertarians sign petitions in general? As a group they're one of the least politically active, and generally disdain politics. Tons of libertarians wouldn't even support Ron Paul's run for ...
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Re: Video: People Will Sign Anything You Ask Them To If You Wear An Obama T-Shirt posted 02/25/2015, 1:26 AM
It's insanely idiotic, and yes, most people are sheep. That the majority of people on the planet accept having rulers rule over them and think it's for their own good shows people will unquestioningl ...
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