We May be "Sheep," but Cops Aren't Good Shepherds

by Will Grigg

Referring to a recent incident in which an Oregon traffic stop led to a shootout in which the driver died, a police officer opined: “If sheep continue to disobey orders we will have much more of this.” He also referred wistfully to the days before “dash cams and YouTube”; the era before police encounters were recorded offered “easier times when it came to dealing with the sheep.”

The description of common citizens as “sheep” wasn’t meant to imply that police are benevolent shepherds. Lt. Col. David Grossman, a retired Army Ranger who provides combat instruction for police officers nation-wide describes “sheep” as people who lack what he calls the “gift of aggression” that sets police officers apart. Such people sometimes engage in excesses – such as beating handcuffed suspects, body-slamming tiny women to pavement or sidewalks, or otherwise abusing smaller and defenseless people – but this isn’t abuse, according to Grossman; instead, it’s an outgrowth of their irrepressible “yearning for an honest battle.”

Peace officers, by way of contrast, don’t yearn for battle. Instead, they seek to de-escalate confrontations in order to protect life and property.

Genuine peace officers have always been a rarity. Today, such people are practically extinct.

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Posted: Oct 14 2013, 11:56 AM

75164 Ok mr law dog wannabe try and fuck this sheeple and see who gets whose foot rammed up whose ass, you sychophantic piece of shit, Who the fuck do you think you are? You mother fucker you are not my shepherd let alone an adversary worth knocking all your godamn teeth out and skull fucking you. Retired army ranger my ass your a disgrace to the military and man kind you worthless pos. we are not your play toys and if you did train pigs why is it they shoot every body and need 20 pigs to help them when they can't even do a simple traffic stop without pissing themselves, your pathetic. Again go fuck yourself.

Posted: Oct 14 2013, 2:38 PM

68107 I second that statement.

Posted: Oct 16 2013, 12:04 AM

98198 Here are some of the real reasons why so-called law enforcement in the US has turned against the populace.

- hiring standards and IQ/background/psyche screenings have been lowered to the extent that it now attracts and enables a predator class of officers with no moral boundaries

- officers/agencies/departments are trained by Israeli Mossad agents; e.g. coming from a country with the worse human rights violations record on the planet

- conflicts of interest exist: law enforcement unions and judges hold investments in the private sector prisons which are replacing county/state/federal institutions

- a large majority of law enforcement, DA's and judges are Freemasons, sworn to use their positions to defend their 'Brothers' above family, country, or God regardless of their crimes

- Homeland Security is channeling unused, government contracted, military-grade weaponry to local law enforcement - further fanning the flames of an already explosive situation

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