Further Confirmation of Hersh and Why bin Laden Was Murdered
Why did Obama order Osama bin Laden murdered? The Pakistanis bargained for his death to avoid their own embarrassment. However, it suited the U.S. also to silence him or they would not have agreed. This was an easy concession for the U.S. to make to Pakistan. He would not be around to tell the world that the Pakistan ISI had known where he was for 5 years and kept him under house arrest. He would not be around to reveal that the Saudis were paying the bills. He would not have a soapbox at a trial. Obama would score big political points. Bin Laden’s death took the spotlight off Saudi support for al Qaeda. It took attention away from his own connections to Saudi hijackers who crashed into the Trade Towers. Remember that 28 pages of the Senate report on 9/11 are still redacted and they point directly at Saudis. They probably point to key Saudis living in Florida who helped organize the attacks and who fled the country. Hence, although the U.S. had waged a 10-year war on Afghanistan based on the excuse that the Taliban had not turned over bin Laden to the U.S., the government when it could lay its hands on bin Laden decided simply to murder him instead.
Michael S. RozeffMay 14

Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight It
Glenn GreenwaldMay 14

Support Your Local Private Peace Officer: He Has A Dangerous Job
William Norman GriggMay 13

'We the People' Need to Circle the Wagons: The Government Is on the Warpath
The Rutherford InstituteMay 13 5

The National Security State Has Warped Our Values
Jacob G. HornbergerMay 13

What Should We Be Saying to Veterans?
Laurence M. VanceMay 12 2

Which American System is Exceptional?
Jacob G. HornbergerMay 12

Progress and Poverty, Then and Now
Jeffrey TuckerMay 11

Operation Jade Helm
Jacob G. HornbergerMay 11

NSA Spying Ruled Illegal, But Will Congress Save the Program Anyway?
Ron PaulMay 11

Oh, Joy! It's "Public Servant Recognition Week"!
Becky AkersMay 09

The Doomsayers Are Right
The FreemanMay 08 6

U.S. Paternalism versus Cuba
Jacob G. HornbergerMay 08 1

The Right to Own and Bear Switchblades
Ryan McMakenMay 07 4

Sheriff Michael Lewis: The Very Model of a Federalized Enforcer
William Norman GriggMay 06 1

The Absurdity of Criminalizing Drug Use
C4SS.orgMay 06

Employment and a Free Society
Laurence M. VanceMay 06

Viral 'Social Experiment' Parenting Video Peddles Outrageously False Claims About Stranger Danger
I like the way the producer, a YouTube prankster, mind you, sells it as a PSA and writes under the video, "One Share can save a child."

It's the guy's ticket to fame, just like the "How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?" scam "experiment" and the dozens of other scam-artist YouTube "viral video makers" who've realized they can exploit peoples' good intentions for personal gain.

Hopefully, once these videos have finally run their course and people stop falling for such bullshit they'll become immune to politicians pulling the same such stunts. - Chris, InfoLib
Free Range KidsMay 05

Proud To Be a Republican?
Laurence M. VanceMay 05

Baltimore: Socialist Paradise
Jeffrey TuckerMay 04 3

USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty
Ron PaulMay 04

Free Lives Matter
Scott LazarowitzMay 02 1

CNN Anchor Apologies for Telling the Truth
Laurence M. VanceApr 30 1

Equalizing Wealth With Traffic Fines
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 28 3

Rioting Is a Threat to Public Safety. Police Unions Are a Worse One.
City-wide curfew put into place...
Intel warning: Gang attacks on white cops might spread...
Obama and Lynch huddle in private...
VIDEO: Man punctures hose as firefighters attempt to stop CVS burning...
15 cops injured...
City Being 'Destroyed By Thugs In A Senseless Way'...
Orioles game cancelled...
Team VP blasts 'militarized and aggressive surveillance state'...
Radio Reporter Punched In Face...
Troops deployed...
ReasonApr 27 3

Judicial Immunity for the Assassins
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 27 1

Obama Interviews David Simon? The Drug War Gets Weird
Jeffrey TuckerApr 27

Can the FBI Be Trusted?
William L. AndersonApr 24 5

The Tyranny of Drug Laws
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 24 1

Freedom and the Omnipotent Power to Assassinate
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 23

Truth Is the Enemy of the State
Paul Craig RobertsApr 22 1

Cubans Love America but Hate the U.S. Government
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 22 1

Jeb Bush Praises Obama's Expansion of NSA Surveillance
Glenn GreenwaldApr 22

Stop Saying 'There Should Be a Law'
Blimey CowApr 21

When Not Getting What You Pay For Is Preferred
Mises CanadaApr 20 1

It's Google's Turn to Be Plundered
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 20 1

Police Deserve No Sympathy Until the Blue Line Breaks
The Daily BellApr 17 2

Slavery and the Income Tax
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 16 1

Will Washington Kill Us All?
Paul Craig RobertsApr 16 2

What the Ninja Can Teach Us
Jeffrey TuckerApr 16

No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss
The Rutherford InstituteApr 15 7

Inflicting the Death Penalty Before Trial
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 15

Razing the Bar
The FreemanApr 15 2

The Awful Implications of Hillary's Candidacy
Jeffrey TuckerApr 13 4

The State Holds Us Back
Jeffrey TuckerApr 13

Libertarians Must Get History Right
Sheldon RichmanApr 12

Leave Cuba (and the Rest of Us) Alone
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 10

What's The Difference Between Murder And Police Work?
Jeffrey TuckerApr 09 4

The Real Nuclear Threat in the Middle East
Sheldon RichmanApr 09 16

Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?
John W. WhiteheadApr 08 3

What Romance Can Tell Us About Government Regulation
Mises InstituteApr 08

Will Rand Paul Improve Liberty's Prospects?
Jeffrey TuckerApr 08 4

From "Civil Rights" to Cultural Totalitarianism
William Norman GriggApr 07

Draft Registration and America's Serf Society
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 07 1

Larken Rose's Five Questions For Statists
Larken RoseApr 07 1

How to Shrink the Government's Carbon Footprint
Laurence M. VanceApr 07

How to Build a Nuclear Bomb Scare
The New AmericanApr 04 2

America's Welfare-State Revolution
Jacob G. HornbergerApr 02 1

The Root of Support for the Drug War
Laurence M. VanceApr 02 2

CEOs Against Private Property
Ryan McMakenApr 02

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