If Paris Killers Had Western Media on Their Side
Washington's BlogJan 13

What Dallas's Historically Low Murder Rate Can Teach Us About Policing
Washington PostJan 13

Beware the Violent Extremists: Western Governments
Bionic MosquitoJan 13

Nationalizations in Cuba and the United States
Jacob G. HornbergerJan 13

State And Crime
Peter BistolettiJan 12

Chomsky on Charlie Hebdo: 'We Are All - Fill in the Blank'
Noam ChomskyJan 12 3

The Biggest Threat to French Free Speech isn't Terrorism. It's the Government.
Jonathan TurleyJan 12

Ron Paul: "Reality Is Now Setting In For America... It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance"
The Ron Paul InstituteJan 11

The Unintended Consequences of Banning the "World's Oldest Profession"
Independent InstituteJan 09 2

Conservatives Just Don't Get It on Taxes
Laurence M. VanceJan 09

Legalize Drunk Driving
Jeffrey TuckerJan 08 3

Voluntary Exchange vs. Government Mandates
Mises InstituteJan 08

Should the State Decide What You're Allowed to Eat?
The FreemanJan 07 1

Statelessness: They Say it Like it's a Bad Thing
Thomas L. KnappJan 07 1

If the FBI Says It, It Must Be True
Ryan McMakenJan 06

North Korea/Sony Story Shows How Eagerly U.S. Media Still Regurgitate Government Claims
Glenn GreenwaldJan 02

Cops Can Enforce Non-Existent Laws With Impunity
Wendy McElroyDec 30 1

The Sickening Torture Report
Laurence M. VanceDec 30 1

Wendy McElroy - Fallacy of the Rape Culture
YouTubeDec 30

Yes, Virginia, There is No Political Santa Claus
Richard M. EbelingDec 29

The National Security State "Works," Even If Nothing It Does Works
TomDispatchDec 29

"Protect and Serve?" More like Hate and Fear
Kevin CarsonDec 28 1

Policing is a Dirty Job, But Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World
Rolling StoneDec 27 1

A Christmas Gift for My Daughter
Harry BrowneDec 25 1

Cop Block Responds to Media "Hit Pieces"
Cop BlockDec 24

Private Volunteers Step In Where Police Are AWOL
Mises InstituteDec 23

When Outrage Turns To Evil: Rejecting Violent Attacks On The Police
Police State USADec 23 1

Celebrating Death & Enacting Violence Will Do Nothing to Stop Police Brutality, It Will Get Worse
The Free Thought ProjectDec 22 6

In the Rush to Blame Everyone for the Shooting of NYPD Cops, Don't Forget to Include the Actual Shooter
...and stop ignoring the fact he shot his girlfriend first.
ReasonDec 22

UVA and the Faux Rape Case: Bad Journalism or Deceitful Writing?
LewRockwell.comDec 22

State Heretics and State Infidels
Wendy McElroyDec 22

The War on Drugs Was Born 100 Years Ago
Mises InstituteDec 17

What America Wannabe?
LewRockwell.comDec 16

Judicial Deference to the Torturers
Jacob G. Hornberger Dec 16

Ross Ulbricht Should Be Freed in a Fair Trial
Jeffrey TuckerDec 15

Government Save Us From "Overpriced" Chinese Food
Ryan McMakenDec 12 5

I Love Loosies and the People Who Sell Them
Sheldon RichmanDec 11

Make the CIA Release Its Chile Torture Files
Jacob G. HornbergerDec 11 1

Obama's Plan for Better Policing: The Good, the Bad, and the Body Cameras
EFF.orgDec 09

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)
Liberty or Death MediaDec 08

Leave Us All Alone! We Can't Breathe!
Jacob G. HornbergerDec 05 5

Nathaniel Branden, Rest in Peace
Jeffrey TuckerDec 04

Just Like The Stasi
Jacob G. HornbergerDec 03 4

Why Not Pardon Drug-War Victims in Addition to Turkeys?
Jacob G. HornbergerDec 01

Due Process Versus Secret Courts
Wendy McElroyDec 01

Taxpayers Near Ferguson Must Turn to Private Security
PAPA JOHN'S Manager Defends Store From Looters -- With Bare Hands...
Ryan McMakenNov 26

Virginia Is for Lovers of Liquor Monopolies
Jacob G. HornbergerNov 26

We Are the Enemy: Is This the Lesson of Ferguson?
The Rutherford InstituteNov 25 5

Why It's Impossible to Indict a Cop
The NationNov 25

The Internet Memory Hole
The FreemanNov 25 2

Pop Art and Intellectual Property
Logan AlbrightNov 25

Why Does The Media Ignore Straightforward Police Executions?
InformationLiberationNov 24 4

Cops Are Cowards
Larken RoseNov 24 2

Thank the Troops for Their Service to Islam
Jacob G. HornbergerNov 24 3

There is No Right to be Forgotten
Logan AlbrightNov 24

Perpetual Lies About Freedom and Democracy
Michael S. RozeffNov 21

On Media Outlets That Continue to Describe Unknown Drone Victims As "Militants"
Glenn GreenwaldNov 21 1

Congress Is Irrelevant on Mass Surveillance. Here's What Matters Instead.
Glenn GreenwaldNov 20 1

The Biggest Threat to Democracy and Freedom
Jacob G. HornbergerNov 20 2

The Coercive State Is the Bill Cosby of Global Society
Glen AllportNov 20 1

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