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Audio: Police union colluded with NYPD brass on arrest and ticketing quotas (The Raw Story) posted 03/20/2013
... to show a New York police union representative confessing that he worked out a set of quotas for tickets and arrests that officers would have to meet on a monthly basis, ...
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Whittier Police Officers Sue, Say They Were Forced To Meet Quotas, Faced Retaliation (LA Times) posted 03/05/2015
... faced retaliation when they complained and refused to meet alleged ticket and arrest quotas. Officers Jim Azpilicueta, Anthony Gonzalez, Mike Rosario, Nancy Ogle, St ...
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Stossel: Alabama Cop Fired For Recording His Sgt. Ordering Ticket Quota "The Police State" (YouTube) posted 08/21/2013
Police Ticket Quotas: Police officers in Auburn, Alabama were told they must write 100 tickets every month. But the department denied that it had ticket quotas. Officer Jus ...
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Despite Laws And Lawsuits, Quota-Based Policing Lingers (NPR) posted 04/07/2015
... City, police rarely talk on the record at all, especially about a touchy subject like quotas. But Officer Adhyl Polanco is an exception. 'The culture is, you're not ...
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Ticket Quotas in Fort Worth ( posted 06/03/2013
From We have obtained internal Fort Worth Police Department memos that show some officers who are part of a special enforcement program – funded by a federal g ...
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More Officers Getting Sick Of Quotas, Threaten Boycott (Gothamist) posted 12/13/2010
... and NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly have continually shrugged off any concerns about police quotas, referring to them as 'productivity goals,' among other things. This comes ...
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Chicago: New Law Bans Police Use Of Ticket Quotas (Chicago Tribune) posted 06/18/2014
... signed Sunday by Gov. Pat Quinn bans Illinois police departments from assigning ticket quotas and evaluating officers based on how many citations they issue. Quinn, ...
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Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas ( posted 07/25/2013
... After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse. 'When I first heard about the quotas I was appalled,' says ...
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Minority Police Officers Sue NYPD Over Illegal Arrest Quotas (RT USA) posted 09/02/2015
... and the city claiming that their bosses forced them to carry out illegal arrest quotas 'against their own minority community.' The NYPD has denied ever using quotas. ...
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Police force in the 'most corrupt city in America' is disbanded after speed trap scam that made up half of city's revenue was exposed (The Daily Mail) posted 10/02/2014
... police chief and his replacement were suspended over allegations that included ticket quotas. ...
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The NYPD Goes After Another Cop Who Secretly Recorded His Boss (Village Voice) posted 06/05/2013
... to follow in his footsteps, capturing their commanders pressuring them to hit illegal quotas. ...
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Memo Reveals Traffic Stop Quotas Set For Kansas City Police (KCTV5) posted 04/03/2014
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - A new police memo having to do with the number of stops officers are being asked to make has started raising eyebrows. Kansas City Police Departm ...
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Ex-officers: APD had arrest quotas ( posted 01/15/2013
... officers focusing on high-crime areas were pressured to meet unconstitutional arrest quotas and were promised rewards like pizza or shorter work days if they exceeded the ...
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Stossel: Radley Balko Debates Ohio Sheriff 'Rise Of The Warrior Cop' The Police State (YouTube) posted 08/21/2013
... Jim Harper of the Cato Institute says the shut down went too far. Police Ticket Quotas: Police officers in Auburn, Alabama were told they must write 100 tickets ever ...
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The 'Criminals' Cops Really Spend Their Time On: Drunk College Students (InformationLiberation) posted 06/24/2012
... college students because they're easy arrest targets so the police can meet their quotas. In a recent interview, a police officer from the New Orleans police who l ...
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Second New York cop confirms illegal 'quota' system (The Raw Story) posted 03/22/2013
... officer confirmed Wednesday that the department’s management continued using a system of quotas for arrests and citations even after the legislature explicitly banned the ...
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Quota by any other name: NYPD bosses tell cops to issue more summonses (NY Daily News) posted 09/19/2011
... written 15 summonses for the month, police sources said. Police brass deny imposing quotas on the ranks, preferring to call them 'productivity goals,' sources said. ...
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Leaked Document From Mayor to Police: Your Paycheck Depends on How Many Tickets You Write (The Free Thought Project) posted 04/15/2015
... obtained by ThinkProgress, the mayor is careful to point out that the town does not have quotas. He states that he only wants “good tickets” written but adds that he is s ...
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Former Arcata police officer alleges department set drug, money quotas; declaration part of medical marijuana lawsuit (The Times-Standard) posted 02/13/2014
A former Arcata police officer is alleging that the department agreed to take officers out for dinner and drinks if they met a quota for seized marijuana plants and cash from ...
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NYPD Officer confesses cops pressured to make false arrests to meet secret quotas (WABC) posted 03/03/2010
... investigation talks to a police officer who reveals the pressure they are under to make quotas. When Officer Adil Polanco dreamed of becoming a cop, it was out of a ...
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