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Former RI police chief settles suit over stealing (Fox Reno) posted 08/07/2012
A former stripper who sued after a police chief rifled through her car and stole $714 from her purse has settled her case out of court. ...
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Cedar Grove Police Chief Arrested on Brandishing and Assault Charges (WSAZ) posted 03/03/2014
SMITHERS, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A police chief is facing charges after an alleged confrontation with a man in a grocery store parking lot. Cedar Grove Police Chief Aaron Roop, ...
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Police Chief Called a Rogue Cop (Courthouse News Service) posted 11/01/2012
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (CN) - A small-town police chief shook down motorists for 'cash as bail' for supposed traffic tickets, then pocketed the loot and disappeared, a motorist claims ...
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New London's police chief resigns after accusation he offered to drop charges in exchange for nude photos (Concord Monitor) posted 04/09/2013
New London’s police chief has resigned after a woman said he offered to drop charges against her in exchange for nude photographs, according to the New Hampshire attorney gene ...
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"Little Police State" Texas Town Police Chief Fired (Republic Magazine) posted 03/12/2012
Chief Laurence was fired by the Covington City Council during its March 9 meeting. ...
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Good Samaritan Claims Cop Brutalized Him (Courthouse News Service) posted 12/24/2011
CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (CN) - A man plowing snow for a church pastor claims a police chief violently and falsely arrested him, and that when he asked the chief to take it easy beca ...
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Chicago police chief: We'll shoot licensed civilians with guns ( posted 01/11/2013
Chicago’s illustrious Police Chief, Superintendent or SuperNintendo (whichever you wish to call him) got on a local radio station in Chicago and told it like he perceives it. ...
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No Charges For Man Who Shot Oklahoma Police Chief Four Times During Warrantless Search (CNN) posted 01/19/2015
(CNN) - No charges have been filed against a man who shot the police chief of a small town in Oklahoma four times, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says. Sentin ...
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New Athens police chief charged with theft of iPad, iPod from evidence room (STLToday) posted 11/08/2012
The chief of a small police department has been charged with stealing an iPod and an iPad from the police evidence room. New Athens Police Chief Dallas W. Hill, 27, of th ...
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St Louis Police Chief Says Only Criminals Were Teargassed At Ferguson Protests (The Guardian) posted 11/18/2014
The police chief leading the response to protests over the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has been accused of dishonesty by demonstrators after denying that off ...
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Portland Police Chief to Ignore Marijuana Legalization Vote (The Daily Chronic ) posted 11/11/2013
... the possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults 21 and older, but the chief of police says that the vote won’t change anything in regards to how the department han ...
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Former Miss. police chief pleads guilty (Associated Press) posted 01/14/2014
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A former police chief in Mississippi pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to demand money and property from people in exchange for dropping criminal ch ...
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Robbins, Chicago police chief charged with DUI for second time (Chicago Sun-Times) posted 01/03/2013
The police chief of south suburban Robbins was charged with drunken driving this week — his second DUI charge in three years. ...
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FL Police Chief Resigns Amid Criminal Investigation Into Illegal Steroid Purchase (News 4 Jax) posted 09/28/2014
Atlantic Beach Police Chief Mike Classey resigned Tuesday morning in the wake of being the subject of an active criminal investigation, according to the Atlantic Beach Police ...
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Police chief causes $50,000 worth of damage after he crashes into home - his second car accident in a month (The Daily Mail) posted 08/28/2012
The police chief of a small North Carolina town is recovering after crashing into a home in his squad car, making it his second accident in a month. ...
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Robbins police chief who retired after two DUIs still getting paid (Chicago Sun-Times) posted 04/01/2013
Former Robbins police Chief Johnny Holmes — who retired in January after being charged with his second DUI in the past three years — is continuing to be paid by the south subu ...
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Town Questions Storage of Meth Components (WTVF) posted 12/20/2005
First there were accusations of the Smithville police chief falsifying records. Now, there's the question of why the makings of a meth lab were found near the Smithville water ...
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N.H. police chief still wants armored vehicle, regrets claim it's needed against libertarians (Washington Times) posted 08/19/2013
The police chief in Concord, N.H., is backing away from claims that Occupiers and libertarians pose a domestic terror threat as justification for the city needing an armored v ...
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Ex-Pittston police chief sues mayor, city (Citizens Voice) posted 01/24/2012
A former Pittston police chief is suing the city and Mayor Jason Klush, saying they retaliated against him for reporting another officer's misconduct. ...
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'Kill a Cop, Save a Child' Vandalism a 'Hate Crime,' North Carolina Police Chief Says (Fox News) posted 10/21/2015
... over a suburban North Carolina town's mural committed a hate crime, as far as the local police chief is concerned. The words, 'Kill a cop, save a child,' were found ...
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