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Unable to Solve Murder, Canadian Police to Collect Door-To-Door Blood Samples (Infowars) posted 02/01/2015
... tested the privacy boundaries, according to The Post: [I]n 2011, taxi officials in Prince George, B.C., complained of more than 100 cab drivers being pressured by the RCM ...
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Maryland Man Snaps, Uses Dump Truck to Demolish Two Police Cars (The Free Thought Project) posted 01/08/2015
... Town Center).— PGPDNEWS (@PGPDNews) January 7, 2015 Prince George’s County, MD — A rogue dump truck driver, apparently snapped Wednesda ...
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Cop Cruiser Crashes: You Pay The Cost When Local Police Cause Accidents ( posted 12/08/2014
... databases from six jurisdictions, looking at accident reports from Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland, as well as Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince ...
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Md. County To Churches: Preach Environmentalism, Get Tax Break (The Daily Caller) posted 11/21/2014
Prince George’s Country is offering a way for churches to avoid paying the state's unpopular rain tax — preach “green” to their parishioners. ...
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Judge Beverly J. Woodard ( posted 09/22/2014
From the Washington Post: IN PRINCE George's County, it is now clear that the police, without provocation, can beat an unarmed young student senseless -- with impunity. The ...
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MD Cop Violently Attacks Valet Because He 'Left His Lights On' (InformationLiberation) posted 07/17/2014
A Prince George's county, Maryland police officer is currently enjoying a paid vacation after he allegedly beat a parking valet and threatened him with a gun because he left t ...
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Prince George's police to live tweet prostitution sting ( posted 05/02/2014
Advocates are outraged by what one organization calls a 'horrible decision' that could endanger the lives of these sex workers. ...
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Police Tyranny, Slightly Curbed (James Bovard) posted 06/27/2013
Prince George’s County is practically Police Abuse Central in America. P.G. police are renowned for shooting innocent people, covering up their killings, and walking away scot ...
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Cop Caught Lying Gets Acquitted Of Assault (InformationLiberation) posted 05/20/2013
Remember the story of Prince George's County, Maryland police officer Corporal Donald Taylor, a 13-year-veteran, who claimed that after catching up to an aggressive youth w ...
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Intellectual Property Decrees Are Good For the Children (Karen De Coster) posted 02/04/2013
The Washington Post reports that the Prince George County Board of Education can own your child's ideas. A proposal by the Prince George's County Board of Education to copyr ...
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D.C. Police Officer Guilty in Deaths of Mistress, Infant (NBC Washington) posted 01/31/2013
A Prince George's County jury found a D.C. police officer guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his mistress and their infant child, News4's Jacki ...
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Prince George's police get away with a College Park beating (Washington Post) posted 12/31/2012
ON THE EVENING of March 3, 2010, two Prince George’s County police officers, clad in riot gear and wielding nightsticks, beat an unarmed and unthreatening University of Maryla ...
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'A slap on the wrist' ( posted 12/19/2012
From the Washington Post: IF A WITNESS hadn’t shot video of two Prince George’s County police officers savagely beating John McKenna, a University of Maryland student, after ...
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PG County Police Suspend 2 Officers Over Offensive "Driving While Black" Video (YouTube) posted 11/18/2012
PALMER PARK, Md. — Prince George's County police have suspended two officers who allegedly created a video depicting racially stereotypical actions and posted it on the Int ...
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District Heights officer indicted in shooting of handcuffed man (Washington Times) posted 11/08/2012
... custody was indicted Thursday on attempted murder in connection with the shooting, Prince George’s County prosecutors said. Sgt. Johnnie Riley, an eight-year departm ...
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District Heights officer indicted in shooting of handcuffed man (Washington Times) posted 11/06/2012
... custody was indicted Thursday on attempted murder in connection with the shooting, Prince George’s County prosecutors said. Sgt. Johnnie Riley, an eight-year departm ...
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One Prince George's officer convicted of assault, another acquitted in U-Md. beating trial (Washington Post) posted 10/22/2012
One of the two Prince George’s County police officers shown on video beating an unarmed University of Maryland student after a raucous basketball postgame celebration was acqu ...
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The John McKenna Case: Video Captures Baton Blows to University of Maryland Student ( posted 10/17/2012
... jury interprets those moments, captured on video, will determine the fate of two veteran Prince George’s County police officers on trial this week. The officers, Reg ...
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'Hero' Cop Accused Of Holding Gun To Head of 13-Yr-Old After Hitting Him In The Face 'For No Apparent Reason' (InformationLiberation) posted 09/25/2012
Via MyFoxDC: UPPER MARLBORO, Md. - A Prince George's County Police officer who was indicted for assault just days after being hailed a hero is now facing a $5 million lawsui ...
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VIDEO: Deputy Shoots Fleeing Jaywalker Multiple Times In Back, Executes Him With "A Coup de Grace Kill Shot" (InformationLiberation) posted 09/17/2012
... not found on his gun? A few days ago we reported on a similar story out of Prince George's County, Maryland where a police officer claimed he was assaulted by a te ...
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