Tuesday January 29th, 2013 informationliberation.com
4 Highland Park cops accepted bribes, delivered fake cocaine, federal officials say (Detroit Free Press)
Four Highland Park police officers face charges including accepting bribes and distributing sham cocaine.

Charges against Anthony Bynum, 29; Price Montgomery, 38; Shawn Williams, 33, and Craig Clayton, 55, were announced this morning in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Detroit. Williams is from Detroit; the others are from Highland Park, according to officials.

Byrum's mother asked for prayers for her son following his initial appearance in federal court in Detroit today.

My son is a good boy. He is a good officer, said Annie Bynum, 65, of Detroit. I cant even believe this is happening.

Anthony Bynum is accused, among other allegations, of agreeing in principal to kill someone for $20,000.