Tuesday January 15th, 2013 informationliberation.com
Alex Jones Interviewed on Current TV by Cenk Uygur (Current TV)

In a special extended, unedited version of Cenk Uygurís interview with Alex Jones, the radio host and now infamous gun advocate reacts to comments by Jon Stewart and Glenn Beck about his appearance on Piers Morganís CNN show.

ďGlenn Beck is despicable,Ē Jones says. ďHe has five guys watching everything I do. Ö Iím sick and tired of him. Heís a punk. He called me a fascist. Ö Iím a constitutional libertarian who loves freedom, and my views are my own, and that little piece of trash needs to know this. Ö You jackass mainline conservatives donít speak for me. Youíre the ones that have discredited true conservatism and libertarianism. Thomas Jefferson would spit on you, you little bastard, you little piece of trash. Thatís what I have to say to Glenn Beck. Ö Theyíre a bunch of nelly punks who canít stand the fact that Iím the one whoís turning the ship around. Ö Iím leading the pack.Ē

Jones also says that his Piers Morgan interview ó intended to be about Jonesí petition to deport Morgan before devolving into his rant about guns ó was supposed to be ďall tongue in cheek.Ē