Thursday November 15th, 2012
Spanish Police Beat Down Innocent Women And Children (InformationLiberation)
I've written many times about how police tend to be psychopathic control freaks who get off on exercising raw power over people they consider "weaker" than them. This example out of Spain is case in point.

In this video, a Catalonian police officer chasing someone down during a protest swung his baton wildly while hitting a man running away, despite being surrounded by random innocents. Sure enough, the cop accidentally hits a 13-yr-old boy on the side of his head, causing him to bleed profusely and fall to the ground crying.

For good measure, another cop decided to hit the kid with his baton while he was on the ground crying surrounded by his loved ones.

Now, perhaps the most significant part of the video occurs, an outraged woman starts to yell at the police officers expressing her disgust, one of the psychopaths in uniform responds by shoving her with his riot shield, then another cop decides it proper to beat her with his baton. You can almost see in the video there was a slight moment where the cop had the clear choice between exercising logic and reason, or committing to the raw exercise of criminal violence, sure enough he chose the latter.


Simple, because these cops are psychotic control freaks who should be institutionalized, but instead they're given a badge and baton and told to go smash people's skulls for the state.

Watch the video:

[ Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 ]

Here's some more details on the story via AmericanLiveWire:
“The cops are [...] from “Mossos d’Esquadra”, an autonomic police force from Catalonia.

The parents told press that the cops didn’t allowed ambulances coming to help their son, so they had to carry him to the hospital in a particular car.

The official statement from police officers says that the police officer hit the bag of one violent demonstrator who he was chasing, and after the hit on the bag, accidentally, his baton hit the head of the 13yo boy.

They also say that the second police officer hitting him was unaware about what just happened and he hit the boy again with a “defense hit” to cover himself. They don’t talk about the girl who was beaten with no reason. The family of the boy is going to press charges against the police officers, but they didn’t show any ID.”

Video Published to YouTube by was translated to English and said this:

“The child was transported to a hospital by private car, since, as reported by parents, Police prevented an ambulance agree to meet the child. Once at the hospital the child has received four stitches and was discharged immediately.”

The video was posted to Reddit by scruti. The title of the post was “This happened today in Spain. The boy is 13 and did not participate in the strike.”
Police are not here to protect you, whether it's America, Spain, or some "liberal" country like Finland. Their job is to violently enforce the arbitrary edicts of politicians, and do so without any questioning as to the merit of the law or the justness of their cause. A person in a suit tells them to kill someone, so they do it, without thinking. The only person who would take such a job is a psychopath.
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