Tuesday February 21st, 2012 informationliberation.com
RIAA Insists That, Really, The Music Industry Is Collapsing; Reality Shows It's Just The RIAA That's Collapsing (Techdirt)
I'm honored to see that the folks at the RIAA have taken the time to read our Sky is Rising report. Unfortunately, they don't seem to like hearing the news that the wider music industry is actually thriving -- because it doesn't work well with their legislative strategy (and, remember, the RIAA's main focus is on passing new legislation to help legacy gatekeeper record labels -- not in helping artists). And, this is understandable. As we detailed in the report, as well as in my talk at Midem, a popular music industry conference, the real story of the report is that the market is thriving for artists and consumers, but is much more challenging for big, lumbering legacy players. That would basically be the RIAA's membership.