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Multimedia posted Mar 21 2006, 10:01 PM Print

Loose Change 2E

Nine Eleven... Was There A Conspiracy?

"Loose Change is a terrifying, masterful, well paced 9/11 conspiracy documentary that puts Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 to absolute shame."
-R.L. Shaffer, DVDFuture

"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today.

This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government.

Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day.

Loose Change 2E

The Official Loose Change 2E website containing the evidence presented in the film:

200+ 9/11 'Smoking Guns'
9/11 Prior Knowledge and Government Complicity Archive

Debunking Popular Mechanics' Hit Piece:
Who Wrote The Popular Mechanics 9/11 Hit Piece? Our Current Homeland Security Director's Cousin.
Popular Mechanics Attacks Its "9/11 LIES" Straw Man



-Republic Broadcasting Network

"...the highest production value of any 9/11 DVD to come out, and it is one of the most information packed 9/11 DVDs I've seen covering around 300 different points in just 2 hours.

"Undoubtedly some will take issue with a few of the topics covered (most likely the Flight 93 or Pentagon section), but those that do so would be well served by actually watching the DVD to see the points covered before issuing any such comments."

"...watched half of LC2 last night.. it was very emotional, left me speechless and shaking.. i hope tonight after i finish it i can put to words what your efforts have created.

best wishes, much respsect, and please keep in touch."

-dz, 911blogger

"The second edition is flawless. It's the ultimate cumulative argument and the beauty is that it all comes from the mainstream media from that day.

What more is there to say but, "Ah, yes...hrm, I , eh, I suppose perhaps an investigation might in order." Said in a stuffy Senatorial voice?

We the People need not live like liars. We the People simply need an investigation."


"I want to watch it a second time before writing a short review, but it was better than the first loose change regardless of the pod or not. Thats just going to cause me tons of headaches it being left out of the 2nd edition, but I guess thats my problem.

Good job on the Doc!"

-Phil Jayhan, Letsroll

"i don't think i can type out in such an expression that would come across to let you know how impressed and floored I am by Everything.

The opening 5 minutes was so impressive factually that it was almost like a jerry meguire "you had me at hello" moment. Every rework and or add-on was rock solid and gave the 2nd edition a completeness that I didn't even think was missing.

Music again... beyond anything I could have thought. Favorite music part still has to be when the "and another" wtc bomb text part drops, it gave me chills again.

This is a documentary of biblical proportions for those who believe in those kindsa things and everyone who obtains a copy will have no problem in finding confidence spreading truth with using the tool that you have provided. Too many bonuses to discuss but the credits by far had me laughin for minutes.

I can't thank you ALL enough for the hard work and dedication to get such a fine product out the door and I hope that you can now continue on with whatever it is that happens.

Lookin forward to the next movie but take peace in knowing that you have put thousands of reporters, govt. officials, and whatever other sorry misguided sould to absolute shame with your research, presentation, and best of all the giant fuckin brass ballz. much love and resepect from out west"


"This is the best damn 9-11 documentary out there."
-Dave VonKliest, Producer of "In Plane Site"

"If you don't win an award for this, there is something seriously wrong. This is a work of art."
-William Lewis, Director of "In Plane Site"

-Tom Flocco,

"Bravo. I was able to watch the DVD over the weekend and found it to be superb.
I give it three thumbs up!"
-Jeff Rense,

"I've seen alot of 9-11 films. There's a lot I don't carry because they have disinfo in them. But Loose Change just puts out the questions, and has alot of powerful evidence. The power of it is incredible."
-Alex Jones,

"The best 911 movie produced is Loose change. It's a documentary you can download off the net and details how the official 911 story is the conspiracy theory. It's a superb piece of work.

Naturally Oliver Stone will never be allowed to present anything remotely conspiratorial in terms of ridiculing the official story which is a shame. Some hilarious comments above by the way.

Some of you rabid nationalistic jerk offs almost deserve the martial law totalitarian country the states is fast approaching but then of course that would mean we're all going to suffer.

Why does the wtc janitor swear their were massive explosions in the basement levels of the wtc and why was all the evidence shipped out of the country before it was examined? a federal crime."

"Oliver, you are showing your age. Please tell me what you are going to bring to the table that big films like "F 9/11" or small films like "Loose Change" have already covered?"

"Download Loose change without doubt the best movie on the events of 911 here. The filmmaker wants this exposed to everyone. It's free and a top top quality production. By the way Michael Moore has just been exposed as a holder of Haliburton stock. Classy guy."

"Btw, that Loose Change documentary is full of shit. A 747 REALLY DID hit the pentagon. There was no missles, no pod planes...that's all disinformation from the misguided fringe."

-Aint it Cool News Forums

..." a brilliant piece of research presented cinematically with great effectiveness. It's one particular selection of the mountains of evidence that are available about what happened on 9/11.

"even a small portion of it is enough to convince you that the official story is nowhere near true."

-David Cogswell

"...there's some pretty serious stuff in this film/documentary -- to the people who havn't seen it... basically it proves how 9/11 is all set up (not by terrorists)"

"I agree with you. I seen this doc and others and I no longer believe the propaganda from our government and the press and TV News stations."


"I watched it. It all made sense. It was just unbelievable the things it showed. Such as the unifrom explosions as the debris fell. I now hate the government even more. It makes complete sense that this was planned."

"Please die."

"You First."

-Ign Boards
"How was it possible to fly the plane at about 500 mph, 2 feet above the ground without (a) a "ground cushion" effect and (b) the powerful jet engines' thrust blowing cars off the road as the plane approached the impact point (a good example of this is shown in the Loose Change video, downloadable in 2 parts here)..."

-Science, Physics and Technology forums

"This is an awesome online documentary which covers the events surrounding the 911 attacks, this is very simple to follow and is a good documentary to give someone who doesn't know about any of this."

-Jon Ronson Forums

"A one hour analysis of 9/11 and how it is more likely than not that the government was actually behind the attacks. A documentary analyzing the footage and presenting an alternative view to the official version."

"An hour?!? Shit, I'm not going to sit for an hour to try and debunk some crackpot bullshit. Give me the crazy in three minutes. C'mon."

"I find a colander is more effective at filtering out both the 1800 and 850 MHz mind control beams. Tinfoil suffers from weak signal impedance in the high frequency range."


"Loose Change takes a different look at those fateful days. They take you on a gripping journey of government conspiracy and cover up in a way that makes it very difficult not to question the who, what, where, hows, and whys of 911 as we know it. I came across the video and hit play to check it out for a minute or so then found myself still watching an hour later. My only dissappointment was that I wasn't watching it on a full sized television.

Even if you are a staunch believer in all that is government or are never one to hop on the conspiracy bandwagon, take an hour out of your day and watch this view point. If anything, it can offer you some good conversation fodder for the next visit to the barbershop."


"I can't say I'm a Bush fan, but that's ridiculous. Instead of looking for conspiracy theories (which I understand can be amusing), you should focus on facts."

"Yea care to back that statement up with any facts? That whole documentary is full of facts. The only conspiracy theory is the one the government spoon fed this country."

-Indie Music Forums

"...goes through just about all of the phony evidence which the US government official story is trying to put in front of us and force us to blindly believe it. Get to see undeniable video and photographic evidence of how we have been fooled in believing the most absurd lies about this tragic event and who the real terrorists are. A must see for everyone."

-File Sharing Talk

"Holy Shit. You gotta watch this. Raises a host of questions about 9-11, what happened & more. It's an hour-long documentary, but you'll want to see it all."


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Posted: Jul 12 2006, 7:09 AM

The craziest and the scariest feeling i get reading all the messages above is people swearing by the craftsmanship of the filmmakers. Hello?? it's not a fiction film.. you should be asking questions and seeking answers that the film poses and not mulling over how many stars to grade the documentary with,,, once again, a documentary...

Posted: Jul 12 2006, 11:57 PM

It is not surprising to see folks starting to wake up. George Bush is sound candiate for impeachment along with the vice president, speaker of the house and 90 percent of all the congress and senate. It is time to clean the table and start fresh. Get rid of all the career politicians. Get rid of all the crooked judges in this country. It's time to send all the illegal immigrants home, no if and or buts.
There is a video out that shows Mr. Bush and Bin Laden sitting on a couch together having a conference. My understanding base on what took place at that conference Mr. Bush back stabbed Bin Laden some years ago on a Saudia Arabia deal.
The 9/11 events that are described are more real than anyone can imagine and can anyone tell me why in both the 9/11 events and the Okahoma City bombing all high level federal government workers such as the FBI, CIA, and others federal agency(s) were not in any of the buildings? Can any one tell me why the Atlantic Group (which is now owned by Day-Zimmerman) was hiring/ staffing people at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in January, February, March, April of 2001 to rebuild it - long before 9/11 event? Can any body explain how this massive rebuild was being done without their congressman/ senator not knowing about it? Can anyone explain why the Vice President was the acting president during war games that were being played out during the so called 9/11 federal government attack on the Twin Towers?
If you want to step up to the plate, hold the perpretrators (Bush, Rice, Rumsfield, Cheny, Clinton (Billy) & etc.) accountable for their actions, and take our country back and put it on track go to to these sites and get involved. Do the right thing. Go to:

Those who are elgible; Vote for Charles F. Conces for the next Michigan State's Attorney General.

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 1:25 AM

This documentary is insane.. Think about what your saying for a minute. What it would take to pull this off the amount of secrecy, we aren't talking about a murder staged as a suicide here...To hold this conspiracy view is a jump into the irrational realm.. Hitler said the bigger the lie the more likely it is to be believed this is an example...Oh by the way aliens are in collusion with the Bush administration they will be landing to take over in a few days!!

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 1:29 AM

George Bush was sworn in January 20, 2001. Quite an amazing feat to have pulled off this conspiracy in just 7 months in office wow! One has to be cut off from the neck up to believe this conspiracy bs

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 11:09 AM

To the post at 1:25 and 1:29

Can you offer an proof to the contrary? All you say is that George Bush couldn't have done this because he just couldn't have. Sorry but circular logic won't cut it here. And George Bush is simply too stupid to pull something like this off...alone.

Yes, Hitler said that. But guess what else Hitler did? He bombed his own Reichstag, blamed it on the Jews, and used it as a pretext for the Concentration Camps. Wow like the same exact thing that happened in this documentary.

How about you stop denying facts and believing lies.

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 12:28 PM

Helllo do you know your history? WHY did Hitler bomb the Reichstag? It would be the same as bombing our House of Representatives. Yes, he blamed it on the Jews but at the same time it ensured he could assume a totalitarian role.

And I cannot believe that people actually took the time to make this video and others take the time to believe it. What, is Osama a good guy now even though he has claimed a Jihad against us?

Wouldn't it make sense if the 9/11 Commission discovered some of these things during the investigations? They were comprised of many Democrats that opposed Bush, so don't you think they would have loved to blow this whole thing open against him?

Come on people, think for a second... Oh, and btw was the American government also behind the Madrid and London bombings? How about the ones in India, Russia...

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 12:50 PM

"WHY did Hitler bomb the Reichstag? It would be the same as bombing our House of Representatives. Yes, he blamed it on the Jews but at the same time it ensured he could assume a totalitarian role."
Yes, I think I know that I just said it....So get this, the Powers that Be (GW is too stupid to do this) has the Twin Towers bombed, therefore pretext for the Patriot Act I and II which takes away our privacy, right to have arms, property, and our complete right as human beings. Pretty much totaliterian. You're like one of the brown shirts, a mindless advocate of Hitler/Bush (Yes I just said it.)

"What, is Osama a good guy now even though he has claimed a Jihad against us?"
No, Osama was in the CIA's pocket, financed to fight the Serb's and help other anti-communist countries in the Middle East. The CIA paid him 3 million, and the English MI-5 did the same.

"Wouldn't it make sense if the 9/11 Commission discovered some of these things during the investigations? They were comprised of many Democrats that opposed Bush, so don't you think they would have loved to blow this whole thing open against him?"
Are you stupid? Do you actually think Democrats are against Bush? The Democrats and Republicans are interchangeable, something you would understand if you knew shit about history. This isn't a Bush bashing site, this is a site about the atrocities the GOVERNMENT of AMERICA commits, be it corruption, hired killings, false wars, etc.

"Come on people, think for a second... Oh, and btw was the American government also behind the Madrid and London bombings? How about the ones in India, Russia..."
Come on, a New World Order? A One World Government? Hmm impossible, because the UN doesn't stand for United Nations. Wow it's like the truth slapped you in the face and you still can't see it.

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 3:12 PM

It saddens me to leave this anonymously, but then there is just cause, isnt there? I said it even in the first few weeks of 9/11, said I would not be surprised if it were not self organised and inflicted, but it still sickens me, it brings tears that such has happened. There is a rumbling going on, and it is gaining numbers, I wonder if it can be turned before we face our own mass exodus as Germany did. It all leaves me weak.

Posted: Jul 13 2006, 3:45 PM

We all want to believe this type of thing is not true however, history does not lie and as such, you have to at leader consider the possiblity.

The Germans attacked themselves, to blame the Jews.

The Israels attacked the British, to blame the Palestinians.

The Israels attacked the Egypians to start the Suez Crisis, at the request of the British ...

These are not theories, they're established facts and yet at the time, they all seemed impossible.

Today, we're debating who really attacked America and the only answer I can give is this;

If the pentagon was hit by a plane, where are the parts? Where is the video? Where are the witnesses? Ignore all the other evidence and single in on that one event and you have to ask yourself those simple questions

With regards to the WTC, why did it look like a controlled explosion, sound like a controlled explosion and act like a controlled explosion? Did terrorists plant exploses inside as well?

Posted: Jul 14 2006, 9:21 PM


Posted: Jul 15 2006, 5:57 AM

Absolute nonsense

Posted: Jul 16 2006, 9:11 AM

By viewing loosechange twice now and gathering other arguments, I am completely and utterley convinced that the neo cons committed such attrocities and are continueing the attrocities World over.

For someone to commit such crime, one must understand what sort of belief, psyche, understanding and thoughts the culprits hold. One thing for sure these neocons are neither Christian or Jews but they are actually pagans in secret (they worship the bohemian Owl god) and they controll a vast nation that they dont represent ever since its inception.
Jody Hamblin

Posted: Jul 16 2006, 11:41 AM

I think George Bush and Bin Laden did it together. Think about it. They knew that the ground would be hot in September. A perfect day to fly the jets. THEN when NO ONE has seen the plane hit the Pentagon, it just burns like a missile hit it. I wouldn't be surprised if the attacks happened because of a coalition between them and us. And the plane in Shanksville, PA is easily understood. The plane NEVER landed in Shanksville. It was unloaded and the government left missiles in the ground. What about the twin towers? I think that this video shows all them bombs going off and that's what did it. I'm not sure if the terrorists are still alive, but they don't live in America anymore. I think that George Bush and Bin Laden still talk to each other too. It's just hidden by the government. What about all the people who died. Are they dead? Great video.

Posted: Jul 22 2006, 11:25 AM


Just like Pearl Harbor, there are those who insist that Roosevelt knew about the attack before hand. The fact is, yes he knew something was coming, but it would not take sneak attack and the destruction of the Pacific Fleet to get us into a war. An attack on a warned, ready and waiting Fleet and Air Force would have done that!

With 9/11, yes the government had indications that something may be coming. But what and where they did not know. Like Pearl Harbor it would not take the destruction of the twin towers to give us a reason to invade Afghanistan. Just an attack on the pentagon would have done that or any government building with far less loss of life would have done that!

These Conspiracy therories do nothing but demonstrate ignorance and hate for Gerorge Bush and make money for those who come up with them.

Posted: Jul 22 2006, 12:46 PM

Look Gore still lost--get over it!
Kevin Holt

Posted: Jul 22 2006, 2:45 PM

Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything. You poor misled fanatics. People such as yourselves exist only to stir as much doubt as possible on such an act of terror. Please feel free to go to Iran, Syria etc. Proclaim you are American to anyone willing to listen. Hopefully some terrorists will invite you to be thier guest at the Beheadings. You shame all the Great people who died in this attack. You shame yourselves even greater.

Posted: Jul 23 2006, 1:18 AM

What a reply! ("Gore still lost–get over it!)
If the votes had been counted, Gore would have won. That has been proven.
Who went to the Supreme Court to stop the vote counting? Which party raised and spent millions to get the counting stopped?
That was not a fair election.
And there is a lot of evidence that the 2004 election was not fair.
With so much at stake now, how can we expect that any elections will be fair?

How can we trust a party that instead of letting there be discussions, debates, investigations, we are told to trust them to do the right thing?
How can we make any decisions without honest discussion of real information?

Posted: Jul 23 2006, 4:57 AM

Since day 11, as I knew the evidence did not reflect the outcome, I've wondered when will those that plainly see the truth, escort dubya and EACH and every member of his family into history with all the other traitors. It's like living a bad movie, which means we have been desensitized with care. How does the U.S. spell Americans?..dubya spells it S T U P I D S.

Posted: Jul 23 2006, 5:06 AM

It is documented that the FBI informed Bush of the VERY HIGH PROBABILITY of Bin Laden's terrorists attacks. That is where Bush got the Idea of using a scapegoat for what he was planning. When that worked he did the same with his version of weapons of mass distruction. Hold on America, most things come in three's.
A real American, not

Posted: Jul 23 2006, 11:24 AM

Anyone who can look at the falling towers and not see a controlled demolition has either never seen one or is so stupidly pro-Bush or pro-America, that they can not open their eyes. It is also obvious that the PA jet did not crash into the earth it was shot down, the debris was spread over miles. It is also obvious that the Pentagon was struck by a missile. There were no belly marks on the ground, no splattering of jet fuel all over the lawn, no debris and no bodies.

If you refuse to acknowledge these facts, just stop breathing, you are far too stupid to be allowed to reproduce.
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