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Article posted Jun 10 2014, 10:18 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

The State's Criminal Conduct Dangerously Influences the "Weak-Minded"

by William Norman Grigg

Josh Horowitz is Executive Director of a group calling itself the Coaltion to Stop Gun Violence, which is more honestly described as the Coalition for the Cartelization of Gun Violence. In entirely predictable fashion, Horowitz invokes the recent murder of two Las Vegas police officers and an armed citizen named -- Wilcox in demanding that the Regime conduct a nation-wide purge of "insurrectionists," beginning with rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters:

"By staring down the U.S. government at gunpoint and `winning,' Bundy is inspiring those of weak mind like Jerad Miller to seek a little `glory' of their own. It's long past time to hold Bundy and his gang accountable for their actions and send a clear message to the insurrectionists."

This would mean, according to Horowitz, an expansion of pre-emptive enforcement actions by "disrupt[ing] love wolves and insurrectionist cells before they can take violent action." Intriguingly, that is precisely what the Las Vegas Metro Police Department's intelligence division did last year when it orchestrated a Homeland Theater production involving a hapless fellow named David Allen Brutsche.

Arrested for selling water on the Strip, Brutsche -- whose anti-police views were known from traffic stops and other encounters -- was placed in a cell with Scott Majewski, a detective who specializes in what he calls "theater" operations. After Brutsche was released, he and a woman named Devon Newman were introduced to a "sovereign citizens" group created by the Metro Police, and invited to take part in an alleged plot to kidnap and execute cops, whose bodies would be disposed of in the nearby desert. This would supposedly precipitate a "revolution," according to the script followed by Metro's merry troupe of Homeland Security Theater players.

That "plot" was both engineered by the police and triumphantly "disrupted" by them. Within a month, the headline-blackening charges of conspiracy to commit murder were quickly and quietly disposed of. Newman -- whose role in the affair was to provide a non-police "conspirator" — was allowed to plead guilty to a single misdemeanor charge. Brutsche, who was painted in every hateful hue by the government-aligned media, accepted a plea deal on a single conspiracy charge (based on his role in a government-orchestrated "plot"). He will be released from prison this August.

The objective of this false-flag operation by the Vegas Metro PD was two-fold: First, to dissipate growing outrage over the agency's ongoing killing spree, and the rigged "inquest" system that inevitably exonerated killer cops, no matter how egregious their actions; and second, to "educate" the public regarding the supposedly ubiquitous menace of the "sovereign citizen" movement.

In carrying out that tutorial, however, it is possible that Metro might have had fatally influenced “those of weak mind,” like Jerad Miller: Rather than being motivated into action by the resistance offered by Cliven Bundy and his supporters (who, as Horotwitz grudgingly admits, wanted nothing to do with Miller), the future murderer might have been intrigued by the "revolutionary" script devised by Detective Majewski and his comrades. If this is the case -- and who is to say that it isn't -- Metro's oh-so-clever "intelligence" division shares some of the blame for the murders of Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo.

Regarding the object lesson taught by flouting the law, and escaping accountability, Horowitz either sees nothing amiss in the fact that Metro PD officers who commit criminal violence — with the support of the local police union — are always vindicated when they kill or mutilate innocent people. For decades, they have been “staring down [the people] and `winning,’” something that fails to stir outrage on behalf of civilian disarmament advocates of Horotwitz’s ilk.

"Government is the potent omnipresent teacher," observed Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, who mistakenly believed that government's moral influence can sometimes be positive. "For good or ill it teaches the whole people by example. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself"¦. To declare that the end justifies the means -- to declare that the government may commit crimes -- would bring terrible retribution."

"The big idea that binds us as Americans is that we're all supposed to be equal before the law," proclaims Josh Horowitz in an essay pleading for the same Regime that burns some children in their beds and vaporizes others by drone strikes to carry out a domestic purge of its most outspoken critics. Horowitz clearly proposes a monopoly on gun violence by a Regime that has long since abandoned the pretense of being ruled by law.

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Posted: Jun 11 2014, 5:19 AM

193200 the weak minded like chris who supports wiping out all sharks because even a girl has more testicular fortitude than he does

Posted: Jun 11 2014, 1:41 PM

2469 Bozo Incompetent mutt breds using public as squeaky toy will soon have us mired in winter war with the Soviets. grrrr

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