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Article posted Jan 16 2014, 9:00 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

If Cops Are THIS Afraid of Each Other, Why Should the Public Support Them?

William Norman Grigg

Redondo Beach resident David Perdue was nearly murdered by police on the way to the beach last February 7. Torrance Police Officer Brian McGee rammed his vehicle into Perdue's truck and opened fire on the driver's side without pausing to identify the driver, who he thought was former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner.

A few hours earlier, Dorner -- who had published a manifesto condemning the LAPD and threatening to kill officials involved in his termination from the force -- had shot two Riverside County cops, killing one of them. McGee was among the thousands of police officers who took part in the manhunt for Dorner -- and like all of his comrades, he was incapacitated by panic.

When he spotted Perdue's car, McGee told investigators, he was "panicking inside, thinking if I don't get out of this car seat, I'm gonna die. He's gonna kill me. He's gonna shoot me. I one hundred percent believe it's him."

So acting in the finest tradition of police valor, and in the name of the most important policy consideration, "Officer Safety," the Iraq War veteran opened fire on Perdue. It was the victim's immense good fortune that the assailant was a cop: Thanks to McGee's good enough-for-government "work" marksmanship, Perdue survived the attack.

Dorner was a large, heavyset black man. Perdue is a slender white man. Once those obvious differences had penetrated the blinding haze of panic that had enveloped McGee, he stopped shooting.

"This guy's killing cops," jabbered McGee by way of explanation to his terrified victim. "He's here to kill more. He's killed one in Riverside, killed a couple in Irvine, he's got a rifle, he's military trained."

McGee's attack inflicted $20,000 of damage to Perdue's truck. The victim — a member of the productive class — suffered head and spinal injuries that resulted in him losing his job as a baggage handler. Fret not for McGee: His job in the parasitic sector is secure, and he has been cleared by the L.A. District Attorney's office.

According to the DA, McGee made a "reasonable mistake" when he rammed Perdue's truck and tried to kill him sight unseen -- because his life, and those of his fellow law enforcement officers, were of singular worth. After all, the security of the State’s punitive caste is infinitely more important than the rights of a mere Mundane.

"McGee was aware that Dorner had threatened to kill any law enforcement officers who interfered with his plan to exact revenge," the DA's report observes. "McGee and [his partner, Officer Erin] Sooper came away from the briefing believing that an encounter with Dorner would result in either their own, or Dorner's death." That report, predictably, drew exclusively from the self-serving accounts provided by the assailant and his colleagues.

A police officer's "authority" to engage in discretionary killing is co-extensive with his personal cowardice. McGee will face no civil or legal consequences because the prospect of confronting a fellow police officer gone "rogue" had reduced him to a puddle of panic.

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Posted: Jan 16 2014, 12:19 PM

This is how the neofascist police state is being grown at the local level.

Part of the program is to employ thugs and encourage them to do what they want to do anyway. It's another way to increase the fear factor in the general populace.

One group of slaves has been selected for their pathological tendencies, which are being enabled, enhanced and encouraged. They are being trained to see the "other", the rest of the slaves, as criminals, terrorists and less than human. They have been given permission and are even encouraged, to use force against these other slaves.

Law enforcement, police departments, departments of public safety[sic] are the local muscle, the hit men for the ruling class. It's only a matter of time until they morph into death squads.

Those who rule do so by force and the fear of it. Don't doubt that for an instant.

It is only acceptable, it has been normalised, for force to move down the hierarchy for the purpose of controlling those below. It is accepted as proper for those above to harm and kill those below in order to maintain a grip upon their power.

It is unacceptable for force or even peaceful resistance to ever be moved up the hierarchy. Any attempt to do so is a "criminal" act or an act of "terrorism".

This is how the laws are written and enforced. This is how the "justice system" works. It's an important cornerstone of the death trap we call civilisaton.

This process is now being applied globally and, in my opinion, there is a single primary, essentially psychopathic force behind it.

The international banking cartel is the new world order. It is the global empire. The money changers, the money power, the financial "industry", whatever you want to call it/them is and always has been a nest of psychopathic supremacists seeking dominion over all. Throughout history, through the process of ponerogenesis, they have sought tyranny over the "known world". (

Now, for the first time, these psychopaths have finally have positioned themselves to gain complete totalitarian control of the entire planet and all its vital resources, including human.

Those who are referred to today as "the 1%" are the descendants of those who have pursued this dystopian pathocracy for millennia. They are the essential psychopaths of the "ruling class" who have passed their warped worldview down through countless generations. Today, thanks to "modern technology", they finally stand poised to achieve their goal.

I've said this before and I'll say again because I think it remains relevant:

There is no recourse for the general population to be found within the "system". There is no government in america with which to seek redress of grievances. There are no laws to be invoked to stop the criminal psychopaths who now control virtually all Earth's vital resources. The "laws" now in force were written by and for them.

We have come to the moment when the ruling class is about ready to stop pretending it is something other than the ruling class and blatantly declare they are masters of the world. The pretense of "democracy" and "freedom" will soon be dropped completely. The effort to disguise the reality of the totalitarian plutocracy will end and america will become a bona fide third world country.

The pathocracy is becoming so confident of success that they are allowing the charade of civil society to dissolve. Their contempt for the People is becoming more evident every day and their true intent more clear.

The control of america and, in fact, of most nations of the world, has been completely surrendered to the money power.

There is no "american empire". There is the global empire of the international banking cartel. The united states of america is simply the "superpower" du jour, now an unmitigated rogue state, being used as both the sharp end of the stick, to back everyone into a corner, and a blunt instrument to beat them into submission.

The "new world order", which most people apparently consider just another wacko "conspiracy theory", seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

The once sovereign nations of Earth are being steadily reduced to "third world" status.

The rapidly accelerating effects of global warming will soon render much of the planet extremely hostile to human habitation.

Over the next few decades, I think many major cities and population centers will begin to experience massive infrastructure failures. These collapsed essential systems will not be repaired or replaced and the cities will be left to rot. The general populations will be thrust into increasing poverty and chaos.

The ruling class will retire to select locations, walled fortress cities, guarded by privatised armies and served by private providers. From these castellated control centers they will administer a single world government and a single all electronic global currency and economy, all of which will be enforced and protected by a single privatised world military.

Earth, for a while, will become a third world planet.

Just my opinion.

Consummatum est

Posted: Jan 16 2014, 2:59 PM

6687 I wonder how many of the officers involved in this incident were suffering from the extreme aggression side effects of steroid abuse? There needs to be a drug testing mandate of law enforcement nationwide with results made available to the public

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