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Article posted Dec 17 2013, 6:47 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

Meet Christopher Onesti: Former Cop, Impenitent Welfare Parasite

William Norman Grigg

Somewhere, there is probably a "Wounded Heroes in Blue" roster that pays tribute to former New Jersey police officer Christopher Onesti, who retired on disability in 2006 following an on-duty incident in which he injured the ring finger of his left hand on a target range.

That injury was gun-inflicted, in a sense: Onesti, a former transit cop, perforated the finger while using a staple gun to secure a paper target. Undaunted, the valiant officer applied a band-aid and continued shooting without noticeable difficulty. Yet he was designated "totally and completely disabled" and retired at age 29.

Despite that supposed handicap, the plucky hero continues to pursue his shooting hobby. Unlike his betters in the productive class, Onesti has ample free time to indulge in recreation: He is collecting a tax-free disability pension of $46,000 a year -- an amount nearly equivalent to his salary. His lifetime pension will cost tax victims in New Jersey at least $2.3 million.

Asked about this absurdly lucrative pension by reporters from a New Jersey TV station, Onesti shrugged and replied, "My lawyer said I was entitled to it". It's not a question of [whether] I deserve [it], it's a question of what the law says."

Perhaps not surprisingly, Onesti has moved to Pennsylvania, most likely to put some distance between himself and the public he supposedly served as a police officer.

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Posted: Dec 17 2013, 10:40 AM

82145 Pity he didn't get a staple in the ass , he could have claimed for BRAIN DAMAGE !

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 12:03 PM

675 More white trash parasites gaming the system how ironic.

Posted: Dec 18 2013, 5:42 AM

12169 i'm just so happy his name, face, and location, are posted, THIS IS WHAT THE HECK WE NEED MORE OF,

publicly OUT all creeps, all of them.

i wish there was a website to repository this stuff, very simple just:
face / pics
email address

it's all public information, it just needs to be gathered and logged on some website, and no need to allow commenting or anything on the site - just the info, maybe some links to confirm the info.

let nature takes its course from there. let the public perform their own background checks when they meet someone knew, need to hire for some job, are dating, or whatever. everyone should KNOW who the real creeps are and what they've done.

just information; we need it. not the private stuff like the nsa gathers, just this public stuff that needs to be REMEMBERED and not swept under the carpet.

hey chris? i hope everyone in your new town now knows you're a piece of shit living off their backs (and/or those of NJ). i hope you get everything you deserve for all you've done. i hope your scam is exposed in your city and shouted from the rooftops.
i know that:
i would never hire you
i would not serve you at my restaurant
if you were on fire i would not piss on you but i might take a shit on you because it also will burn.
you could not train at my mma school.
if i saw you being attacked by thugs i would cheer them on, infact i think i would buy them beer.
if i saw your dead bloated carcus floating in the river i would set a cinderblock on your back sinking it to the bottom - because why ruin the life of your murderer with a messy arrest and trial when they did the world something good.


Posted: Dec 19 2013, 7:01 AM

12169 first line in the linked article:

"If he manages to live as long as expected, Christopher Onesti will collect more than $2.3 million from the state of New Jersey"

let me excerpt that:

""If he manages to live as long as expected,"

i'll excerpt it again:


];-] "never lose your sense of humor Danny, never lose your sense of humor"

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