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Article posted Nov 20 2013, 12:47 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: KRQE Print

DA: No charges for cop who shot at van full of kids

"[Additional] information could come in, but at this preliminary stage, what I've viewed and what I've reviewed I don't see any criminal charges against any of the officers," Gallegos said. "I don't intend to seek charges at this point."

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Posted: Nov 20 2013, 6:23 PM

98198 This is yet another indication, a symptom of a diseased society that no longer values the lives of its children.

In a normal, healthy, sane society, adults protect their community's children, not harm them.

You can witness the same depravity in movies where children are placed in harm's way, even decapitated, beheaded and disemboweled - and the public is persuaded to accept the representative atrocities as entertainment - and pay to watch them.

And in every case, if you dig deep enough, you'll discover there's a group of sadistic jews behind all these events - either producing the movies, or training cops to treat Americans as less than animals (goy).

Posted: Nov 21 2013, 6:15 AM

"what I've viewed and what I've reviewed I don't see any criminal charges against any of the officers," Gallegos said. "I don't intend to seek charges at this point.""

truly sickening,

their guns are "for their safety", how were they in any danger by a van driving away from them?

and they'd likely argue "she posed a danger to others", then explain how? how is trying to get away from you = she will mow down pedestrians on a sidewalk?
she had no gun,
she wasn't a mall shooter running away from you.
she wasn't dragging a cop hanging off her window,
she wasn't driving at a cop,
she posed no danger to anyone, there is no justification for firing a gun.

there isn't even justification for firing a taser, yet a giant fat cop in FL fired one at a tiny girl simply for running away from him - he was in no danger, her head cracked on the pavement, she was in a coma last i read, she may be dead today i don't know; God bless her and God damn him.

please be aware the evil is trying to pick fights, the evil WANTS us to go to war, these incidents are an attempt to incite us to riot, shoot back, etc., they plan to implement martial law and/or gun confiscation the moment it starts happening.

but i no longer think that can be avoided. I analogize it to this: if one person walks down the street peacefully and another person wants to attack them, you can't stop an attack from occurring, you can only:
- fight back, you may win you may lose
- don't fight back and take a severe beating even death

You clearly see this woman tried to simply leave; they escalated their attack to gunfire, she wasn't allowed to simply leave; that is what we are facing.

But i want Christians to remember, this is a spiritual war and they are losing!
be certain that you only fight in self-defense. This was an example where exactly such a self-defense of life by this family was overwhelmingly justified before God.

fire upon me, i will fire back.


Posted: Nov 21 2013, 2:05 PM

82145 @12169 gud comment on where this is heading , I hope you & ALL good Americans see it through alive & well ! Peace ♡

Posted: Nov 21 2013, 6:30 PM

63141 blame the ones training the cops. Blame the feds for doing nothing. All this accountability does nothing. More tax waste. More more blood shed. If was a cop I would have stopped my peer and arrested the bastard.

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