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Article posted Nov 17 2013, 8:24 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

Police Attempt to Murder Kids When Mother Flees Arrest

William Norman Grigg

Police do not exist to protect persons and property. Their primary mission is revenue collection at gunpoint on behalf of the political class. In Occupied America, refusal to submit to such extortion is an offense worthy of summary execution of the rebel — and any innocent bystanders, including children.

Rihanna Ferrell was stopped by a road agent for violating the speed limit. After the parasite turned his back, Ferrell drove away. She stopped again a short distance away, and the revenue collection agent attempted to abduct her (or, as he would put it, arrest her). Ferrell was in the company of her five children, the oldest of whom — her 14-year-old son — quite commendably came to his mother’s aid when an armed stranger violently laid hands on her.

A thugscrum soon coalesced and laid siege to the family’s vehicle, breaking windows and terrorizing the children. Ferrell took off again, prompting one of the cretinous tax-gatherers to fire several shots into the rear of the vehicle — an act of criminal attempted homicide. Following an extremely dangerous chase, Ferrell eventually pulled over and surrendered.

The actions of the mother may be considered intemperate and irresponsible, and they will be punished as if they were actual crimes — which they were not. Ironically, the headline supplied by ABC News underscores the identity of the real criminals in this encounter: “Police Take Aggressive Action When Mother and Her Kids Resist Arrest.” All aggression is criminal, and only aggression (force or fraud) can be considered criminal.

The behavior of the police in this episode was close kindred to that of occupation forces in Iraq who would often fire indiscriminately into vehicles that refused to stop at checkpoints. Indeed, this is entirely typical of the tactics employed by the Regime’s domestic army of occupation.


This traffic stop occurred outside Taos, New Mexico — a state where every routine traffic stop is freighted with the very real possibility of rape or other sexual assault at the hands of police and their medical enablers. That entirely plausible fear should be regarded as a compelling defense for Mrs. Ferrell’s actions.

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Posted: Nov 17 2013, 12:35 PM

675 those little piggies must live in a ground hog day movie everyday they wake up what fools, when are the tax payers going to shit back on those mother fuckers? New mexico what a cess pool.

Posted: Nov 17 2013, 1:43 PM

98198 The van driving away presented no threat to anyone. The cop firing shots at the family's vehicle should be charged with attempted murder.

Posted: Nov 17 2013, 4:09 PM

68107 the cops blow it intentionally so they can have a live fire practice session on anyone and everyone because they know they will get away with it.she blew it also but adeath sentence is way out of line.all and I mean all cops are punk ass gang members.current and retired.

Posted: Nov 17 2013, 5:23 PM

193200 "Police Attempt to Murder Kids When Mother Flees Arrest"

while a police state is a reality, this is stupid.

"The van driving away presented no threat to anyone. " - the van speeding presented a threat to others perhaps.. and judging by the idiot driver here, who may have at worst got a ticket, shes not the sort of person id trust behind the wheel at any speed.

idiots, the lot of you.

Posted: Nov 17 2013, 10:50 PM

98198 @193200 You're the fucking idiot if you don't know that police represent a dangerous threat whenever they pull someone over in America today, for anything.

Some departments actually warn the public not to stop for their own officers till you are near witnesses or a well-lit public building.

Considering how violently these cops behaved - and that they were SHOOTING at this mother's van with CHILDREN inside, it's no wonder she was speeding away FOR HER LIFE.

Any normal person would have done the same thing, unless you're cop cock sucking idiot, like you.

Posted: Nov 17 2013, 11:55 PM

97119 @193200 Go pound sand. Your defense of this kind of action by the 'peace officers' is so far out of bounds that I wonder about your ability to function in society. There was nothing here that could not have been handled by a conversation but our criminal boys in blue don't want peace. These murderers are the predators within our society. I would suggest you do your research but I am betting you are too far gone for it to do any good.

Posted: Nov 18 2013, 1:03 AM

98198 They cops should be arrested the mom fleas trying to protect her kids, her son was trying to protect his mother. Police should stop acting on anger and focus and the real problem. The stupid thing is that the cops were shooting at the van with kids in there, cops now act on emotion instead of logic

Posted: Nov 18 2013, 3:14 AM

24101 WOW, what a bunch of fucking retards all together in one video/story...retarded the jackpot on this one.

Posted: Nov 18 2013, 3:39 AM

7518 10 things NOT to do when stopped by police

Save Your Breath
Don't try to convince the officer of your innocence. It's useless. He or she only needs "probable cause" to believe you have committed a crime in order to arrest you. He does not decide your guilt and he actually doesn't care if you are innocent or not. It is the job of the judge or jury to free you if he is wrong. If you feel that urge to convince him he's made a mistake, remember the overwhelming probability that instead you will say at least one thing that will hurt your case, perhaps even fatally. It is smarter to save your defense for your lawyer.
Don't Run
Don't try to escape the police. It's highly unlikely a suspect could outrun ten radio cars converging on a block in mere seconds. I saw a case where a passenger being driven home by a drunk friend bolted and ran. Why? It was the driver they wanted, and she needlessly risked injury in a forceful arrest. Even worse, the police might have suspected she ran because she had a gun, perhaps making them too quick to draw their own firearms. Most police will just arrest a runner, but there are some who will be mad they had to work so hard and injure the suspect unnecessarily.

Enjoy a QUIET Ride To The Police Station
Keep quiet. My hardest criminal defense cases are those where the arrested person got very talkative. Incredibly, many will start babbling without the police having asked a single question. My most vivid memory of this problem was the armed robbery suspect who blurted to police: "How could the guy identify me? The robbers were wearing masks." To which the police smiled and responded, "Oh? Were they?" Judges and juries will discount or ignore what a suspect says that helps him, but give great weight to anything that seems to hurt him. In 34 years as a criminal lawyer and thousands of cases, I could count on one hand the number of times a suspect was released because of what he told the police after they arrested him.

Don't Give Permission To Search
Don't give permission to search anywhere. If they ask, it probably means they don't believe they have the right to search and need your consent. If you are ordered to hand over your keys, state loudly "You do NOT have my permission to search." If bystanders hear you, whatever the police find may be excluded from evidence later. This is also a good reason not to talk when they find something incriminating, even if it seems all is lost.

Don't Be An Active Participant in Searches
If the police are searching your car or home, don't look at the places you wish they wouldn't search. Don't react to the search at all, and especially not to questions like "Who does this belong to?"

Don't Resist Arrest
Don't resist arrest. Above all, do not push the police or try to swat their hands away. That would be assaulting an officer and any slight injury to them will turn your minor misdemeanor arrest into a felony charge. A petty shoplifter can wind up going to state prison that way. Passively resisting arrest (such as pulling away) is merely a misdemeanor charge and often the police do not even charge that offense, but obviously striking an officer can result in serious injury to you as well.

Don't Be Verbally Abusive to Police
Try to resist the temptation to mouth off at the police, even if you have been wrongly arrested. Police have a lot of discretion in what charges are brought. They can change a misdemeanor to a felony charge, add misdemeanor charges, or even take the trouble to talk directly to the prosecutor and urge him to go hard on you. On the other hand, I have seen a client who was friendly to the police and talked sports and such on the way to the station. They gave him a break. Notice he did not talk about his case, however.

Yes, Virginia, Police Do Lie
Do not believe what the police tell you in order to get you to talk. The law permits them to lie to a suspect in order to get him to make admissions about a criminal charge. For example, they will separate two friends who have been arrested and tell the first one that the second one squealed on him. The first one then squeals on the second, though in truth the second one never said anything. An even more common example is telling a suspect that if he talks to the police, "it will go easier." Well, that's sort of true. It will be much easier for the police to prove their criminal charges. I can't remember too many cases where the prosecutor gave the defendant an easier deal because he waived his right to silence and confessed. On the contrary: it gives him an even stronger bargaining position.

Your Home Is Your Castle
If at home, do not invite the police inside. If the police believe you have committed a felony, they usually need an arrest warrant to go into your home to arrest you. If you accept their invitation to "step outside", you will have solved that problem for them. The correct responses are: "I am comfortable talking right here.", "No, you may not come in.", or "Do you have a warrant to enter or to arrest me in my home?" I am not suggesting that you run. In fact, that is the best way to ensure a harsher punishment later on. But you may not find it so convenient to be arrested Friday night when all the courts and law offices are closed. With an attorney, you can perhaps surrender after bail arrangements are made and spend NO time in custody while your case is pending.

Some Police Courtesies Should Be Declined
If you are arrested outside your home, do not accept any offers to let you go inside to get dressed, change, get a jacket, call your wife, or any other reason. The police will of course escort you inside and then search everywhere they please, again without a warrant. Likewise decline offers to park or secure your car safely, if it is legally parked and you do not want it searched.

Posted: Nov 18 2013, 5:40 PM

18443 i don't understand why cops keep treating obviously weaker smaller and unarmed people as if they were some jihadi with ak's or dynamite vests,

when did cops become the biggest pussies on the planet? maybe since forever? what chickenshits.

you'd think every person they stopped was a sovereign citizen pointing an ak at their face at every traffic stop.

... my truck gun is an ak. ready 24/7/365, going to see the Lord, will be sending them before Judgement themselves, are they ready?

prepare your SOUL. take no false god before the real God.


Posted: Nov 18 2013, 6:30 PM

193200 @ 98198 + 97119
hey you gormless lumpen.. if the cops are as bad as you say they are, and im not disputing that... then the SENSIBLE thing to do is not give them any reason to pull their gun.

the moronic woman put her kids in danger when she drove off after being told to stay there for a minute.

if you think its ok to risk your kids lives to escape a traffic violation ticket.. well youve just proven what a retard you are, though there really was never any doubt.


Posted: Nov 18 2013, 7:09 PM

17256 Kudos to the 14 yr old for standing up to the bitch ass pig. Too bad he didnt stomp his skull on the pavement.
Jim Mooney

Posted: Nov 18 2013, 10:14 PM

9764 "if you think its ok to risk your kids lives to escape a traffic violation ticket.. well youve just proven what a retard you are, though there really was never any doubt."

Sooo, this gives the cops the right to be even bigger retards and shoot at a vehicle full of kids?

Posted: Nov 19 2013, 11:58 AM

75117 Remember this, a law professor pointed this out....

What you say CAN be used against you in court

But, what you say CANNOT be used FOR you in court.

Better to say nothing that can be used Against you at all
until you have a lawyer present.

Posted: Nov 19 2013, 7:04 PM

193200 @ 9764

"Sooo, this gives the cops the right to be even bigger retards and shoot at a vehicle full of kids? "

weeeeeellllllllll - if he had of actually killed any offspring of this retard.. whats the loss? its a bonus for the gene pool.

its fairly plain to see that he was aiming for the tyres anyway.. far from .. "attempting to murder kids" like this pathetically outrageous headline pretends..

fact is moron.. in your retard country, it seems cops do have the right to shoot and kill without much consequence.. that is because your population is full of mental midgets, and you allowed it to get this bad, all the while watching tv and eating burgers on your fat arses.. and if you dont know that by now, and want to risk your life over a traffic fine.. then youre a moron..

as is anyone who tries to defend this moron.. you stupid fat moron

Posted: Nov 26 2013, 7:42 PM

108242 The only real ways to fix this mess is to one, arrest all cops/federal agents who break the law for a living and or, kill them all. We know of course that they will never surrender peacefully so we can read them their rights & put their asses in a cell somewhere. Others need to be executed. These are not servants, these are gang members operating as wannabe soldiers who fire on us often & violate the Rule of Law for a living. Fuck them all.
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