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Article posted Aug 19 2013, 9:04 AM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: Techdirt Print

Feds Threaten To Arrest Lavabit Founder For Shutting Down His Service

by Mike Masnick

The saga of Lavabit founder Ladar Levison is getting even more ridiculous, as he explains that the government has threatened him with criminal charges for his decision to shut down the business, rather than agree to some mysterious court order. The feds are apparently arguing that the act of shutting down the business, itself, was a violation of the order:
... a source familiar with the matter told NBC News that James Trump, a senior litigation counsel in the U.S. attorney’s office in Alexandria, Va., sent an email to Levison's lawyer last Thursday – the day Lavabit was shuttered -- stating that Levison may have "violated the court order," a statement that was interpreted as a possible threat to charge Levison with contempt of court.
That same article suggests that the decision to shut down Lavabit was over something much bigger than just looking at one individual's information -- since it appears that Lavabit has cooperated in the past on such cases. Instead, the suggestion now is that the government was seeking a tap on all accounts:
Levison stressed that he has complied with "upwards of two dozen court orders" for information in the past that were targeted at "specific users" and that "I never had a problem with that." But without disclosing details, he suggested that the order he received more recently was markedly different, requiring him to cooperate in broadly based surveillance that would scoop up information about all the users of his service. He likened the demands to a requirement to install a tap on his telephone.
It sounds like the feds were asking for a full on backdoor on the system, not unlike some previous reports of ISPs who have received surprise visits from the NSA.

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Posted: Aug 19 2013, 11:56 PM

will you please keep us 'up-to-speed' on this b/s as it progresses info. lib? it's quite a story.

what do the feds think they are going to find, that they don't already have access to? i can tell you, this nonsense is merely the feds "passing the buck." if they were smart, they'd blame a "higher-up," not someone lower on the hierarchy. their supply of 'fall-guys' is running low, from what I've read.

Levison is a p.o.s. for complying with state's Big Brother tactics anyhow, so, i won't be throwing him any helpful links that could aid his cause. i will however, wish him "good luck;" from someone who doesn't believe in it.

Posted: Aug 20 2013, 1:43 AM

12169 proper action:

invite them politely to your office, ask as many of them as they can bring.

get them seated.

kill them all.

make it a better world for our children.

- - - -

when is the proper time to resist violence? when they attack.

what level to resist at? the same level they attack with.

they aren't asking you anything nicely,
they aren't "talking" to you,
they are finding ways to destroy your very existence period, what do you have to lose? your life is over by their very first assault, they own all of the courts and judges, they have unlimited funds from our paying our taxes.

people need to quit sugar coating life and accept the sad reality. we haven't rescinded our american citizenship; our govt persons have rescinded the agreement with america - they are who are not americans anymore, and the land you sit on is not america anymore. continuing to call it that is just delaying the inevitible. you don't have redress in the courts - they are the courts.

it's time for physical war when they attack you - are they not attacking you?

this place makes nazi germany look like a fking kindergarten with snacks and nap time.

Posted: Aug 24 2013, 2:50 AM

12169, "war is peace"???

The courts belong to the state,
That, you do admit,
America was founded upon,
The ideology of the dictatorship

You want a revolution,
You want to regress,
Keep us running round in circles,
While history is repressed,

"They" can't kill the living,
For the living have been set free,
Though they refuse to take the crown,
Beyond the constructs they see,

The living have the power,
They don't have to agree to play their part,
And while you can kill a finite being,
You cannot kill a heart.

Regards, "my heart" - 27

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