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Article posted Mar 04 2013, 5:29 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Will Grigg Print

Apparently, Perjury Isn't a Crime When Police Commit It

by Will Grigg

Last October third, a Salt Lake City SWAT team, working with a federal Drug Task Force, kicked in the door of a 76-year-old woman.

As is so often the case, it turned out that the raiders had attacked the wrong home; the target was the house next door, where a police informant had allegedly conducted a controlled drug transaction. An internal review learned that officer responsible for the raid, Detective Cooper Landvatter, falsified information in the affidavit filed to obtain the warrant. What this means is that no probable cause existed for a SWAT raid against either home.

Landvatter, who said that he was under pressure to meet a “quota” of drug busts, had misrepresented critical facts to the judge who issued the no-knock warrant. The detective claimed to have witnessed a cocaine deal at the house, but later admitted that he lost sight of the alleged transaction. He also altered other key details in his affidavit.

In what we are supposed to consider an act of punishment, Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank imposed a 20-hour suspension on Detective Landvatter. However, the officer faces no further disciplinary action or criminal charges for committing perjury and abetting a home invasion that terrorized an elderly woman.

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Posted: Mar 04 2013, 5:36 PM

192184 Cops do this everyday in Amerika. Deputy Spencer Case, of the alpine County Sheriff's Office in Markleeville, California presented an affidavit for warrant to a judge in 2005. The ENTIRE affidavit was a complete and utter falsification. I was speechless when the warrant was served. Fortunately, the pigs found NOTHING because no crime had ever taken place. However, the cops stole a bunch of stuff and threatened to have CPS take the kids. This was in a small town. In the big cities, this happens on an hourly basis. I am friends with the local prosecutor. He says that he questions the validity of EVERY affidavit because he knows that these guys are pathological liars.

Posted: Mar 05 2013, 2:30 AM

@192184, cops have to lie, because laws are lies. if you want them to be more honest, start with the laws they enforce.

if you're from california..... well, the church was considering using california for "life-by-comparison," rather than hell, but, the politicians here wanted copyright royalties for the brand.

Posted: Dec 07 2013, 12:31 PM

7627 Sounds just like the Stewart case in Weber County. The cop lied in an affidavit to get a search warrant and then lied to a judge when he swore that everything was true. This was Jason Vanderwarf of the Roy City Police Department. He then went on to perjure himself in court. Karma is a bitch.

Posted: Feb 11 2014, 11:53 AM


TEXT 7 From 07970828345
Claimant Text of the 25th May 2011 time sent 8.23am
Content:” Toni I have just got back from chester. My rent is due today and you still have my deposit, Are you able to tell me WHY you have locked me out? All I asked for yesterday was the opportunity to discuss with you the outstanding balance you stated I had”

Claimant Page 102 statement of truth signed and dated 21st June 2012 section 11 – “the evening before I was unlawfully evicted, I had texted to say I was retuning from Cheshire at approximately 9am half hour after she left for work”

Original text still on hand set if you wish verification
TEXT 6 From 0797
Claimant Text of the 24th May 2011 time sent 20.44pm
Content:-“I’m back tomorrow I’ll chat to you about it then if ok take care”

Claimant stated to the Judge in July 2012 – that she travelled in her own car drove alone from Cheshire on the morning of the 25th May 2011.

Claimant OWN phone bill Page C1– on the 25th May 2011 texting none stop from 7.07am to 8.13am
Extract of police recoding which took 16 months to obtain

PC XxPearce: what Angela has told me that she came round to collect her property this morning and you would not allow her into the property to collect her belonging, with no written agreement, therefore there is nothing in law if you think she owes you money then you would have to take her to the county court, but with out any written agreement you would struggle to collect get anything, to be perfectly honest.

PC XxPearce: you’re keeping her deposit so you’re not going to be out of pocket and any minor damage that may have been caused will be covered with, withholding the deposit, that’s what a deposit is designed for, if there is any damage that you can make repairs out of that money, that’s how it works

PC XxPearce: so she’s paid you up until yesterday which is the 24th and therefore she is no longer obliged to pay any more money because she has moved out, moving out so she has given you notice, she’s paid for the time she has been there

PC XxPearce: Right well as I said Toni that is your decision and obviously with hindsight in future, if you rent your room. – (excluded occupier)

Premeditated Fraud

Extract of police recording

Claimant supplied on the 27th April 2013, Solicitors notes 9th June 2011 states clearly “the claimants items have no lien value” claimant unable to sort this out directly as she has no fix address JUST COST SOLUTIONS.

Claimant Page 101 witness statement of truth signed & dated 21st June 2012 section 5 -Angela states “I have now had the opportunity to go through the items claimant further scam.

But the police informed me

PC XX: yes you do, if you’re not prepared to let her in the property, then you will need to allow somebody else to collect her stuff.

PC Xx Pearce: you will have to bag it up and agree to met her at a different location to hand her stuff over

PC XxPearce: Now we don’t have any appointment for tomorrow, I’m sure Angela will be happy to wait until Friday I’m sure she will be able to manage.

Response: Being a bank holiday I was thinking of going away

Response : No, being a Friday wasn’t, going to work, take the day off go off for a long weekend that’s why I said 8.30am be there for 8.30, then I can leave at 9 o clock

PC XxPearce: well I can tell her to be there for 8.30am but there want be a police officer there

Inspector Xx report for the IPCC Page 1 of 5– paragraph 8 Angela did not attend on the 27th May 2011 as agreed, further conversations were held
another lie

This is an Inspectors own investigation was to misleading the IPCC in his report, as I had stated that the police used for personal gain,
I have been harassed, intimidated, stalked, threatened, my home and car vandalised, I lost my job as the police went to my employers, but who do I report the crimes being committed by the police.

Perjury Act 1911Aiders, abettors, suborners, Perverting the course of justice

Police violating my rights interfering and tampering Inspector Xx report for the IPCC states: in his police report dated 9th July 2011 that I was happy with his investigation,

I still have the original text messages sent from Inspector Xx

Text message sent from Xx 07736098157 to 07773
Date 15th July 2011 at time sent 19.59 by Inspector Xx
Message: “I have drafted a letter to you; it will be posted next week”

Text message sent from 07773 to Xx 07736098157
Date 15th July 2011 at time sent 20.53 by me Message: “Hi it’s been over a wk & no letter 4m u, please may I hav ur full name & number also the lady that came wth u her name & number with the notes u made may I have the way the number r produced whn calls r made ASAP THX”

Text message sent from Xx 07736098157 to 07773
Date 20th July 2011 at time sent 17.52 by Inspector Xx
Message: “I have now completed my investigation as per my letter. All papers haun been sent to our complaints fest I do not intend to enter into any further communication with you . if you are not satisfied please feel free to write to our professional standards dept, thanks”

Text message sent from 07773 to Xx 077360
Date 20th July 2011 at time sent 18.46 by me
Message: “Andy thx for the inf but there is no details of how the incident numbers are issued or the lady who came with you, I would like copy of the notes made with both thxs please also the form u wanted me to sign on the 2nd visit”

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