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Article posted Nov 18 2012, 7:19 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: YouTube Print

PG County Police Suspend 2 Officers Over Offensive "Driving While Black" Video

PALMER PARK, Md. Prince George's County police have suspended two officers who allegedly created a video depicting racially stereotypical actions and posted it on the Internet.Chief Mark Magaw said at a news conference Friday evening that a duty status hearing for the two officers will be conducted next week.Police say the video depicts a traffic stop and includes two black officials in uniform who use crude stereotypes and profanity. The two are shown interacting with a black driver, who appears to be an actor.

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Posted: Nov 18 2012, 8:54 PM

174131 That was funny. One of these guys should be promoted to Chief of Police just for having a sense of humor.

Posted: Nov 19 2012, 9:03 AM

7036 I'm personally not amused. I'm a honky gringo cracker, do have black friends, some of which have been unjustifiably abused by the so called law enforcers which seem to be the biggest law breakers in the country. I think it's disgusting how we have all these double standards, how law enforcement isn't held accountable. Qualified immunity should be done away with.

Posted: Nov 19 2012, 12:39 PM

174131 The reason this is funny is because it is accurate, same reason the officers got suspended. Evil hates to be exposed, much less mocked. It is encouraging to see a couple of cops acknowledge their over the top behavior in any form. I do not approve of abusive behavior perpetuated upon anyone by anyone else whether they wear a badge or not.
I will be dating myself by saying that I think we would be better off eliminating most of the police force. Many years ago in rural America the school boys all carried pocketknives, and when older had rifles and shotguns in the gun racks in their pickups at high school. We had 1 sheriff that patrolled the whole county which had several small communities surrounding a couple of grain elevators every 10 miles or so. No deputies. Later on the county seat hired a city policeman for whatever reason. Most people thought this position was redundant. These areas had very minimal amounts of crime, most people were God-fearing and behaved so. The big crime I remember from those days occurred early one fall morning when my friend's dad got a call telling him one of his grain trunks was heading south down the highway carrying 2 unknown guys. He jumped in his El Comino and caught up to them about 15 miles or so out of town. With the assistance of his .357 he was able to convince them the prudent course of action was to abandon the truck and wait for the sheriff. No one was injured and no property lost.

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