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Article posted Nov 06 2012, 6:03 AM Category: Resistance Source: YouTube Print

CTRAFFIK -- "What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote?" (Official Music Video)

What if someday an entire population was enlightened enough to withhold from participating in their local elections? What would that day look like and what would be the ramifications for everyone involved? Explore how the people free themselves from tyranny via non-violent means and how the politicians are always the last ones left clinging on to their delusion.

Video filmed & Edited by:CTRAFFIK

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"What if Nobody Showed Up to Vote?" Video Lyrics:
Ay!! (x5)
Wake up, wake your mind up. Yo!

What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?
Nobody gave a damn, left home or left work that day?
They just got on with their lives,
They aint putting up with your lies!
What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?
Nobody gave a damn, left home or left work that day?
They just got on with their lives,
They aint putting up with your lies!

Here's an enlightened people,
who decided that they're not tollerating evil.
No Rulers, no masters
No national disasters or facist bastards,
Acting like jackasses in our name.
Our Earth aint for raping, our souls aint for taking
Or family forsaking for your same war games.
No more coming home with blood stains
So a war profiteer can chill with champagne
While the ones that are actually fighting
Get chump chains.
We're privy to the hustle,
The power's in our hands cuz we
Outnumber you busters,
And we don't even have to lick a shot just to make a change
We just ignore, deplore you,
Treat you like a whore do,
Withdraw our consent and we destroy you.
Like that! Yo!

What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?
Nobody gave a damn, left home or left work that day?
They just got on with their lives,
They aint putting up with your lies!
What if, what if nobody showed up to vote?
Nobody gave a damn, left home or left work that day?
They just got on with their lives,
They aint putting up with your lies!

Fast forward to election day,
We in the headquarters of our local magistrate.
Or your local Cesar, your local mini-tyrant
If he is or he's aspiring,
It don't matter he's perspiring
Cuz its that time when the polls about to close
And aint no mention of elections,
Flipping through the cable shows
This is the worse he'd ever seen it,
And the ratings for the last debate, they were anemic.
Slowly but surely, the networks got the hint.
Mention politics, your ratings take a hit.
Cuz the populace is pissed at all the conflict.
And family members beefing over a bunch of nonsense.
Politicos only know "divide and conquer",
So if we're not paying attention,
They divide us no longer.
Just then, the phone rang,
Its the other candidate, the challenger,
He said: "nobody voted for you cuz of your character.
They know you corrupt and want you replaced
So I'm taking power tonight, so we can save face.
Maybe I can win them back,
And make them feel they need us."
No, no, no you crazy homie, I aint leaving.
They didn't vote cuz they want to keep the status quo,
So I'm staying here,
"No No I'll take you to court!"
Are you out of your mind? Don you realize
That half of these judges or mine?
And none of these juries these days are even worth a dime?
They're too rebellious! They don't wanna comply.
They don't listen to judge's orders
and every law in sight they nullify!
We go to court, they gone make jokes of you and I.
I don't know what to do,
But I aint giving power to you.
Hold on, another call's on the line,
I guess we'll talk some other time, hello?
"Its your campaign manager here,
I gotta resign, I gotta get a real career"
No, hold up we aint done, we aint over yet!
"I'm sorry sir, you're missing the obvious,
The jig is up, your whole staff quit.
We don't exist, the power you had is not legitimate.
I'm going back to work in TV,
If you need a gig call me"
No no no, please explain this to me!!
"Its easy, its just like broadcasting,
when the audience tunes out, the show's canceled!"

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Posted: Nov 16 2012, 1:57 AM

31172 This election, like all the elections before it, is based on the electoral vote. The electoral vote was not based on the popular vote, as it should be. I ask then, what is the point of voting, if your vote doesn't elect a president?!

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