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Analysis posted Aug 23 2012, 11:26 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Florida Cop Smashes Compliant Woman's Face Into Car -- "Maybe Now You Can Understand Simple Instructions"

Chris | InformationLiberation

Eight year veteran Florida police officer Christopher Geraci, 33, didn't appreciate a women he pulled over not following his "simple instructions."

When Abbi Bonds, 29, used her cellphone to phone someone for help, Geraci, who suspected her of being involved in a hit and run, walked up to her casually, took the phone out of her hands, grabbed Abbi's wrist and ordered her, "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Abbi calmly asked, "What am I being arrested for..."

Before she could finish her question, Christopher Geraci yanked her arm and viciously slammed Abbi face first into the side of her car. Rather than react to the astonishingly disproportionate use of force by apologizing or taking any remedial steps to correct his error, he decided to slam her again, all the while again ordering her to "put your hands behind your back."

Abbi noticeably was not putting up any resistance, she was flailing around like a rag doll with Geraci's every slam.

"I'm not fighting you, why are you hitting me?" Abbi asks on the brink of tears.

“There. Maybe now you can understand simple instructions,” Geraci responds after finally cuffing her.

“I'm [expletive] a girl, you don’t have to hit me like that,” Abbi says, now sobbing, shocked, and emotionally distraught.

“And you don’t have to sit there and argue with me and fight with me,” Geraci responds.

Geraci then proceeds to instruct Abbi that "pulling her hands" from behind her back, while he was violently slamming her into the side of her car face first, qualified as "resisting."

Therefor, he was totally in the right, and in fact he could charge her with the additional crime of "obstruction of justice."

Abbi never filed a complaint against the officer, instead a supervisor who reviewed the dash cam footage brought the issue to his higher-ups. Christopher Geraci was not only fired, but charged with battery.

Though he is only facing a potential one year jail sentence, the shame of assaulting a compliant woman, thanks to the internet, will stay with him forever.

Watch the video:

Chris runs the website, you can read more of his writings here. Follow infolib on twitter here.

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Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:00 PM

7551 Why do I get the feeling if you simply change this woman's race to black, have everything else exactly as it is now, you all would be singing a different tune? "She should have followed instructions!!" America gets what it deserves because it's made up of a bunch of self-serving doucheswho think they're entitled to more than the next guy because their mothers told them their poop smelled like flowers.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:11 PM

12155 Alright...

I don't think the cop was justified in slamming her into the car like that, however the woman clearly refused his instruction to sit back down in the car. You can see her just standing there, one leg in the car, staring at him. He told her multiple times to do this, and she refused. On that note, I can understand why he put her in cuffs. Cops have to protect themselves, and if she isn't going to do what she's told by a police officer there's no telling what's going to happen.

But, the cop went WAY too far. He could have simple told her to get against the car and put her hands behind her back instead of slamming her into it.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:24 PM

174106 First things first, why do people defend actions like these executed by our Nation's public officers who are sworn to protect and defend our liberties as citizens, as well as to better serve the public interest. I can very well understand that she was drunk, that she was a "hit and run" suspect, and that her attitude was not exactly the most upright and courteous, yet she was not a physical threat to the officer, nor did she verbally act as if she would be a threat. Under the circumstances, I wish I was her boyfriend sitting in the passenger seat when this took place so I could show this particular officer how we throw parties where I'm from!!!

In this day and age we have become a Nation of too many laws, as well as too many sub-agencies to regulate everything that we do as citizens of this Country. In situations like these, even if the victim wanted to sue for civil relief due to the officer's actions, she would probably have to exhaust all of her administrative remedies (bullshit procedural filings and incident reports) or else the Federal or State Courts wouldn't even acknowledge her claims due to the lack of her proper actions. It's all stupid loopholes created to make fighting for our rights and liberties become so stressful and tedious that most of us don't know where to begin, or we resort to taking measures into our own hands (as an individual) in which case they win either way!!! What happened to being a society and fighting for the better cause as a whole? Lots of people say that we need to stand up and fight, but I don't see anybody doing it as a group! Occupy Wall Street and the new Tea Party? That's garbage and a waste of valuable manpower! Peace has never been accomplished without the violence of WAR!!! True love has never been achieved without the understanding and feeling of HATE!!! You can never experience the joys of winning and accomplishment without knowing what it is to truly have lost or lose! We want PEACE so that we can once again truly LOVE our Nation again, and we can only achieve this by standing up and WINNING our rights back!!! What does this mean? This means that we must violently go to WAR with our government, be driven by our HATE for what it has become and risk LOSING it all so that the future of this Nation and the coming generations can once again be what our Founding Fathers instilled into the hearts of men and women alike when writing our Constitution!!!

Our minds have become so flooded with the latest celebrity gossip and media centered propaganda, that we would much rather tuck our tails, bow down, and give Uncle Sam a blowjob while chatting on Facebook and Tweeting on what we were wearing while we were eating breakfast instead of trying to realize that we are the sheep no longer being stalked by the wolves, but we have become the sheep that are rapidly being eaten by the wolves!!! Stop being cowards...NOW!!!!! Before it is too late!!! Buy a gun, learn how to shoot and start shooting!!! Fuck them!!! ...before they fuck us harder than they already have!!!

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:25 PM

99123 I'm not condoning what he did at all, and I'm glad he was fired. However, she was a fucking idiot for driving under the influence. She should be thankful he stopped her--if she'd kept on driving, she could have killed someone.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:41 PM

24126 The officer was overly forceful BUT he did tell her about 5 times to sit in the car.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:48 PM

2463 Did you people watch the video? She was defiant. She could barely keep her head up. He was obviously not trying to hurt her. If she hadn't been drunk she probably would have been able to hold her head up so it didn't hit the car. Couldn't you see how she flung her own head? I have a hard time believing this guy was fired for this.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 8:48 PM

74179 I disagree. She had a way out of this mess without any complications. 1> If she had remained in her car as she was asked it should not have escalated.2> She seemed impaired even before the officer approached the car.3>It looked to me that she tripped more to her own impairment than from his actions. Seriously if he was "man-handling" her she woud have moved further considering body weight ratio than she did.4> WHEN A COP STOPS YOU , YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.SIT IN YOUR CAR AND DO NOT DO ANYHTING, BUT PRODUCE PROPER DOCUMENTS. DO NOT GIVE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. Regardles of weather or not that is right it is the way that it is. She was stupid being drunk and driving. Was she NOT pulled over for suspicion of a hit and run? Would you not want someone taken off the streets BEFORE they killed a loved one? I apologize if you see this video differently. But I have been walking in this world for almost 50 years and I think that "he had it coming" Is a valid defence. That was not the case here and she should have sit her dumb ass down.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 10:34 PM

174131 Hey Hey hey that cell phone could have been a nuclier missile/ 9/11 airplane the officer was clearly in danger of that gang of thugs

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 11:19 PM

67181 Cop kills you...time off with pay. You kill a over. The scariest gang in the USA is LEO, people...don't kid yourself.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 11:20 PM

67181 Hey're a pig, aren't you? You're not fooling anybody.
Matt Smith - not the Dr. Who one

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 11:25 PM

97119 I think it Amusing: The anti-Semitic comments fail to go far enough back in history to find the REAL reason that Jews have been feared/despised, then hated through out antiquity... during the Black Plague of the 1300's the Kosher laws kept the life style of the Jewish from being as fecal-enriched as the Christians. They also had Kosher Laws instructing them to keep their house clean, and this would have helped cut down on the quantity of rats... therefore, the Jews didn't get the plague. The group of self-beating Christians (the Flagellants - oddly enough, started in Germany) were outlawed in 1350 by papal bull. As they were loosing favor, they chose to point out the Jews as the cause of the plague, because they weren't getting sick as often as Christians. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY THAT THE JEWISH POPULATION WAS SUBJECT TO A HOLOCAUST, despite papal calls to end the blood shed!

moral of the story: don't blame the Jews for your problems. If you are a Christian, like me, than know that God has a plan for you, and let them worry about God's plan for them.

OH, and only 10% on the Bolshevik party was made up of Jews... so they had roughly 8000 people in 1907. That means that there were only 80 Jews in the revolution... weak case that they were responsible.

Posted: Aug 24 2012, 11:58 PM

97103 She was pretty mouthy but that's no excuse for the treatment she received. I bet if they investigated further into his background they would find he currently abuses his wife.

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 1:35 AM

6650 I'm glad he got fired, I hope he gets slammed by a man! He has no mother!

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 2:58 AM

166147 [Deleted: No threatening comments please, see comment policy]

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 5:00 AM

90162 Well basically they leave you no choice but to defend yourself with equal force as they are attacking you. If they respond with lethal force you have no choice but to defend your life and take them out. If they start it - you need to finish it. So be it.

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 5:41 AM

88253 So she's driving drunk, gets stopped in front of someones house. Doesn't follow directions, uses cell phone and resists arrest. He should have just Tazed her or shot her full of pepper spray. But it's one harmless beat down to keep this bitch off the street and running over someones kid. Sorry, she got what she deserved.

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 5:50 AM

198228 Do you really think the dickless punk has any shame?

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 8:21 AM

9961 Because she was WHITE he got into trouble if that was a BLACK woman Or a Black man nothing would have happened to the Officer, he would have been free as a bird. She also was not following his instructions that would have been the death of a BLACK MAN.

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 8:24 AM


Posted: Aug 25 2012, 12:35 PM

96232 She should not only sue the Police Dept., for unleashing him on the unsuspecting public, but also pursue this thug in civil court for damages and pain and suffering. Making the person and the departments who do and allow these things (or condone them and teach others to do them) pay out of pocket every week for a decade will teach them the consequences of emotional incontinence and thuggery. This behavior is completely unprofessional!!!

She should also mount cameras on her car (facing forwards and backwards), especially for use when being pulled over. If your cameras are running, it's an additional protection. You've got to expect (since the only car cameras are in their possession at the moment) that they'll be tempted to tamper with the evidence; better to have your own record of events.
Comments 21 - 40 of 68 < Page of 4 >

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